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Everything Falls Into Place When You Let God Lead You | Inspirational & Motivational

the voices you're listening to on a day-to-day basis who are they from what are they saying what kind of spirit is behind them we're exposed to so many different voices in this world and we need to guard our ears what type of voice are you drawn to I encourage you to search for the voice of God and his voice is distinctive it's clear it's sharper than any two-edged sword his voice dispels sin it defeats every kind of demon it raises the Dead the Lord's voice mends broken hearts it heals diseases it restores and replenishes all that has been lost and it most definitely crushes fear his voice is awesome and mighty no dark thing can challenge it when God speaks things change Things become what he speaks so I encourage you stop listening to other voices stop listening to the Pharisees of today the doubting Thomases and the feel-good preachers search for God's voice a voice that will lead you to Salvation and Eternity Christ is knocking on the door of our hearts he wants us to choose eternal life and not damnation but here's the thing the Lord is so gentle and kind that he doesn't force himself in instead he waits for us to respond to his knock the knock on our hearts the knock that caused us to repent so I encourage you to live for the Lord live a life that is mindful of Eternity be mindful of collecting Treasures in Heaven Treasures that will not perish be mindful that your thoughts your Deeds your actions they all matter it's only when we live a life dedicated and committed to Jesus Christ that we can hope one day to have everlasting life in his presence so let's make the right choices while we're here on Earth because what we do here affects our eternity the Apostle Peter tells us in First Peter 4 verse 7 but the end of all things is at hand therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers Amen Let us be serious let us Be watchful and own God let us not take our Salvation lightly but instead let us wait on the Lord fervently since the beginning of time God has been drawing us toward himself even when we stubbornly ignore him he doesn't walk away he never gives up on us in the Book of Matthew Jesus Compares his second coming to a great wedding feast a joyful celebration of the perfect union between Jesus Christ and his bride the church and so we are invited to the greatest dinner banquet of all time have you responded to that invitation or are you putting it off until the last minute maybe you've become deafened to the sound of him knocking maybe your attention has been captured by other things like work and finances and romantic love those things seem important Until you realize that they are only temporary and when your life is over where Jesus returns they will no longer be of any value we all think we have more time to get right with God but the truth is that life is short tomorrow is not guaranteed everything we do today matters on an eternal level if Jesus came back today would you be ready would you be able to say that your heart was firmly set on Christ now is the time to place your faith in Jesus and so today if you hear his voice don't Harden your heart instead allow him to come in and change your life forever the opposite of Conformity is a renewed mind the way God views the world in our lives is counter-intuitive to everything our culture teaches therefore we must be willing to let him change us and reteach us how to think then we will be equipped to live a life that is pleasing to him when the time comes there are only two destinations where we will spend all of eternity the choices we make now the way we live now what we do now and the status of our hearts now will determine the trajectory of our souls after death so today if you hear God's voice do not Harden your heart Christ is knocking on your heart he is calling you to repent and accept the love he has to offer you so I'm encouraging you to turn away from your sin and turn toward God the Earthly pleasure that sin offers is nothing compared to the Eternal Joy found in Jesus Christ the devil seeks to kill and destroy but Jesus comes to bring life to the fullest [Music] we only have one life to live and only so much time to live it will we spend it on our own selfish wants or will we follow the plan God has for us will we live life thinking we have time or will we live life for God as if today is our last day on Earth if the enemy can get us to pay more attention to the issues of Life instead of paying attention to the one who can solve the issues then we are effectively surrendering to the world God said to be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that we can know the good and perfect will of God according to Romans 12 verse 2. and the enemy will stop at nothing to attack the mind and try to cause us to falter he wants to bring in confusion so that we can give into the lust of our own flesh condemnation is an effective weapon of the enemy to try and destroy the mind of the believer when we feel like all we do is fail it becomes more and more easy for us to give into temptation because that is what we believe we do anyways but God said he that is in me is greater than he that is in the world the mind of Christ that resides in US is stronger than the Temptation that the enemy brings to try and destroy our conscious Minds now when all else fails the devil will try to use circumstances to try and get us off track I want you to be mindful of some of the little details when it comes to how you live your life one speaker put it this way we are all mind driven because the Bible says in the Book of Proverbs as a man thinks so he is so I urge you to live your Christian Life with pure thoughts rebuke all that is impure and cast down all corrupt thoughts truth is you and I are not guaranteed one more day our time on this Earth is brief and because our time on this Earth is brief we must make the most of every opportunity to live right to live with a fire for Christ foreign [Music]

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