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Everyone Is Praying For A Breakthrough But Not Everyone Knows There Will Be A Fight!

foreign that before God is about to bring a change in your life before he's about to bring a victory or a major breakthrough in your life this is often when you'll faith is tested the most it's often when you are standing with the Red Sea in front of you and Pharaoh's Army behind you that God will reveal his hand and make a way where there seems to be no way Daniel didn't see the hand of God until he was thrown into the lion's den it wasn't until it looked as if it was all over that God showed himself for Daniel now one of the signs that your breakthrough is coming is when you begin to face numerous obstacles God may allow you to be tested so that once your blessing comes you will remain grounded you will remain spiritually focused on how much you need the giver of the blessing more than the blessing itself furthermore when God is leading you to a breakthrough there are times where it is necessary for him to remove people from your life people who may be influencing you negatively people who may be distracting you people who may be pulling you away from fulfilling your call all in all my message to you is this whenever you pray for a breakthrough expect a fight expect a battle [Music] yes indeed you should continue to trust that God will make a way for you but always remember that when it looks as though it's over when you are at your weakest that is when God shines and that's when God's strength is made perfect foreign what do you do when you're sitting across from the doctor and the report isn't good what do you do when you look at your bank statement you look at your bills and the numbers just don't add up what do you do when life hits you with the unexpected when life hits you hard and catches you on your Blind Side if there's one thing that you should know and expect it's that the reality of Life can sometimes be earth-shattering and harsh and perhaps you may not be able to turn your situation around immediately but I pray that my words today will plant seeds of faith in your spirit don't be discouraged by what you see don't be discouraged by what you hear your life is in God's hands and that's something you should actually tell yourself every once in a while my life is in God's hands your health may not be where you want it to be but I encourage you to do all that you can and ask God to meet you halfway your dream may seem like it's no longer possible but I encourage you to continue pursuing God whether or not you become a doctor whether or not you become an attorney or Pilot don't remove God from his throne in your life all because you're disappointed God Is Bigger Than That which comes against you and if the fight intensifies your own thoughts become Negative they start telling you that this situation is permanent this result is permanent don't be discouraged even though it looks hopeless the word of God says Joy comes in the morning to everything there is a season so this too shall pass don't be moved by what you see in the natural eye but rely on the word of God that you know the word that says God is good a stronghold in the day of trouble focus on that instead of what's disappointed you the word that says you are my Hiding Place and my shield it says I will look to the Lord I will wait for the god of my salvation my God will hear me your life is in God's hands your future is in God's hands if life hits you and you fall wouldn't it be better to fall into the Loving Arms of Jesus Christ than anywhere else so don't be defined by a diagnosis don't be defined by the numbers in your bank account I've had to talk to myself and remind myself that I have a Creator who has a plan and God's plan will still prevail God's will still be done he has ordered my steps and so I am not alone my beginning and my end is known by him my highs and your lows are known by him and I will walk by faith and not by sight believing that the Lord has numbered my good days to exceed my bad days so get to the point where you are content and at peace to say Lord my life is in your hands you have said be anxious for nothing you have said that you know the number of hairs on my head and so I Surrender and yield to your will foreign is on your side when you feel tired and frustrated cry out in prayer cry out in Praise there is only but one God who can give you rest only Jesus can lead you besides Still Waters only Jesus Christ can renew your strength so don't be discouraged with what you're facing don't be disheartened at the events of today nor should you be preoccupied and worry about what could come tomorrow instead call unto Jesus Christ today in this very moment whatever situation you face this day God wants you to call on him because his word in Isaiah 65 verse 24. it says before they call I will answer while they are still speaking I will hear Psalm 50 verse 15 in the Bible says call upon me in the day of trouble I will deliver you and you shall glorify me and so I want to encourage you when you look at God's word when you look at his promises he says trust me in your times of trouble and I'll rescue you he says abide in me and I will restore you he says come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest so let your hope be found in God he has the perfect solution each and every time so call on him whether it's day or night whether you're in a season of Darkness or light [Music]

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