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Eckhart Tolle Special Live Teaching | Conscious Manifestation

welcome all of you on YouTube Facebook live for the first time we've had a few technical difficulties so I'm a little bit late that was a great opportunity for course for you to be present in the moment and let's continue that before we start and perhaps look at few questions concerning conscious manifestation let's just take a moment become aware of the present moment vitally important in any endeavor that you undertake no matter what it is is not to lose your connectedness with the present moment so before you start a new enterprise a new activity always go to take a moment for awareness basically that's what it is the sometimes people ask well what is the present moment how how do you be where is it what does it even mean to become aware of the present moment and the first thing of course is that you become aware of whatever surrounds you that's the entry point into the present moment a very easy entry point into a present moment awareness some people may call it mindfulness is to become more aware of whatever surrounds you here now sense perceptions just be with what is give it attention some attention the room you're sitting in maybe there's a window you can look out of the window you can see trees behind me I can't see them I know they are there this is you enter the present moment by becoming more aware of sense perceptions auditory visual and perhaps others and of course what that does you might notice is there's less mental noise the voice in the head that speaks and speaks that talks to you that you have a dialogue with a monologue that comments and interprets and takes positions mental positions that identifies with likes dislikes never stops talking that's the mind the the voice in the head that most people are completely identified with and that means they are not present so the first step is take some attention away from that by simply becoming aware of sense perceptions and if you can look at something natural that's even better because the natural thing a tree a flower a plant the sky a natural thing lends itself to a present moment awareness more than a man-made human-made thing so anything natural that you can look at for a moment focus on and give it attention acknowledge it you don't need to think about it so it's just come away of the present moment through sensory perception and already if you can't do that if perhaps a few minutes before you were very much immersed in the problem making mind it wasn't actually solving any problem because this continuous mind activity actually creates more problem than it solves if it's not focused it's unconscious so already suddenly there's a certain amount of peace that descends from this is the world your world it becomes a bit more peaceful you become aware of the aliveness of things and then the next step for present moment awareness yes you become aware of yourself now that's very important too because let's see foundation for the entire world whatever the world that you experience you experience it through yourself so and whatever you manifest in this world you manifest through yourself now what does it mean to become aware of yourself no you might be tempted to think that's you start thinking about your life you and your life and of course that's very problematic your past your future or you can think about things that you identify ways the huge problems the world is facing but that's not becoming aware of yourself becoming aware of yourself is something more vital something deeper then aware of your historical self all your memories all your expectations for the future none of that is really becoming aware of yourself because those are thoughts you become aware of the simple fact that you are here as a conscious presence that's very much inextricably linked with what we call the present moment now this may seem strange at first you becoming aware of yourself as a conscious presence no need to remember who you are beyond the fact that you are becoming aware of the i am-ness of yourself for those of you who haven't never heard of this it might seem a little strange become aware that even if you do not remember your past at all you're who you are as a historical person what is left of you if you do not remember who you eyes or historical person if you don't think about yourself what's left is a certain inner spaciousness opens up that replaces the usual activity of continuous mental noise thinking a spacious awareness opens up and you cannot say much about it you can't analyze it you simply be aware that you are that there is a presence that is inseparable from who you are either sort or stillness there that's part of that presence but it's not an asleep stillness it's not the stillness that you find when did we getting tired it's an alert stillness and that is the core of what we call present moment awareness so you're not really aware of the present moment because the awareness is the present moment beyond sense perceptions that was a starting point and then you go deeper and you simply become aware of yourself as consciousness a still alert presence there's a lot more one could say about it but this is just our starting point for today the important thing is once you have had even a glimpse of it as much as possible reconnect with that as you go about your daily life as you are engaged in activities as you speak to people interact with people as you interact with people on media social media etc as much as possible reconnect and have find these moments of alert stillness alert still presents and that becomes then the foundation for everything you do and that's that another word for that is spiritual awakening youth now you're spiritually awakened begins with little just just a glimpse of awareness of yourself that the awareness that there's something deep in you then the person with its history that awareness is a direct realization it is not something that is conceptual that frees you from what we call the ego which is all the conditioning of your mental emotional field all the things you identify with and then you derive your sense of who you are from a deeper place within and that's an enormous liberation and then you can operate in this world in a much more effective way and you can operate in this world in a way that is much more beneficial for yourself and humanity you can then profit from that foundation we can talk about manifestation if you manifest from that foundation rather than manifest from the usual sense of identity that is exclusively derived from the ego which is the thinking mind the narrative that most people identify with as me that's me and the narrative of me is partly personal and partly collective these are energy streams that let what we call thought our energy formations that are invisible and these energy formations are like could be compared to ripples on the surface of being that's the thought activity and humans who have no awareness of this deeper dimension they are trapp

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