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Does Skin Color Impact Spiritual Growth? | Sadhguru

so does skin color impact my spirituality as i said that is a very racist question the idea is to be always conscious that your physical self is just an outcrop of the land that you walk upon your mind is so the important thing is your body and your mind should not become an impediment [Applause] [Music] this question is from isabel sudgru i heard you speaking about the impact of wearing clothes with the different colors also the monks in isha and india wear orange as it helps in their spiritual journey i want to ask a question if wearing certain colors can impact our spiritual growth what is the impact of the color of the skin on our spiritual journey this is a racist question [Laughter] oh well the monks in india don't wear orange clothes they largely color their clothes with the soil with red earth because we want to exist here as understanding always existentially understanding experientially understanding that what my body is is just an outcrop so there is a tradition in india of uh going and meditating near ant hills oh in this part of the world i have not seen ant hills growing like this do you have i have not seen any in this region but in southern india everywhere in the country generally in the tropical country the anthills grow like that and people believe or for a long time believe that this is a snake house because snakes go inside for in search of some protein because the termites are super rich in protein because this whole thing that they build they are mixing with their saliva which is a very high quality protein very very high quality protein they're mixing with the soil and they're building it that it withstands any kinds of monsoon any kind of weather architecturally it's fantastic and uh in a way our buildings are also in the east harbor center in india designed like a termite hill i learnt engineering from them because i did go into the termite hills for various reasons myself [Music] but it is said some of the tunnels going up to 700 kilometers a termite can locate water 700 kilometers away and go there digging up a tunnel uh a lot of people who don't have any water divining capabilities have this tendency to believe where there is a termite hill there will be water and they dig wells near a termite hill but it could be 700 kilometers away it's happened to quite a few people that they did not find any water sometimes it is true so the idea is to be always conscious that your physical self is just an outcrop of the land that you walk upon that's not of great significance keeping it well is important keeping it well is important not too flaunt to other people but keeping it well is important so that it doesn't come in your way it doesn't come in your way means if your body becomes troublesome because of let's say some health issue then 100 of your attention will be only on that body taking care of the body will be 100 of your time and life so keeping the body in such a way if you sit here you're not even aware that it's here otherwise you know the various compulsive cycles in the body will keep you busy all the time you should have seen the the initial arguments when i came to this country and i said uh the sessions are three hours long they said no way our bladder capacity is only 1.5 hours we have we need a break otherwise we can't do it well after the second day nobody asks for a break that's a different matter but first day when they come they say no this looks tyrannical three hours no toilet why did they build so many if you cannot go and use it toilets are not built for you to use it by choice when the body's compulsions demand we use it but when the compulsive cycles are too short then this keeps you busy all the time eating toilet relieving yourself endlessly this will keep you busy but once a certain ailment of pain or something manifests in the body it will keep you hundred percent busy so keeping it well is not about showing it off to somebody how my body is keeping it well is it's not in your way it's not an impediment it's a platform upon which you can stand the same goes for the mental structure and mental structures which i know [Music] many people will start an argument on this but your mental structure and your physical structures are very connected if you keep your physical structure and the cycles in the body at a certain level of stability psychological stability is a kind of a consequence well people will argue because they think mind is a separate world by itself yes their mind is because it's a separate mind it's not it's a separate world it's not here but your brain is also body isn't it and today you know if you have psychological problems you don't inject something into your head you put a pill in your stomach and it works so obviously physiological stability the chemical stability in the body is vital for how your mind is so the important thing is your body and your mind should not become an impediment especially for one who is focused on something beyond that he doesn't want his body to come in the way so sannyasis are wearing clothes which are washed in soil because the best way to make the body stable is to be connected to the earth today various quasi sciences are coming up and they say people are sleeping with the copper wire attached to their big toe and earth it in the ground and all kinds of things all you have to do is maybe in this country in this kind of weather you cannot really walk barefoot all over the place but at least indoors you walk barefoot at least indoors that's not really earth so much is in between you and earth but at least there because still there is a benefit so this is like earth covering yourself because your clothing has the quality of the earth and it connects you in so many ways keeps your body aside and you're always conscious that your body is a part of this earth so even when death comes you don't have a great amount of struggle because you know anyway it was a part of this always [Applause] but in your head you can imagine things just to stop that imagination so does skin color impact my spirituality as i said that is a very racist question but now anyway you ask so why should i miss the opportunity this is the best skin color [Applause] if you want to be spiritual you must burn yourself to this otherwise you're not going to make it so based on skin color will you get there or not it's like this i was uh i know the other day two days ago i was driving out near fall creek fall and two guys a little soaked up in mud and they suddenly came out of the forest they had parked their truck somewhere close by and they came towards the truck then i saw they were carrying crossbow you know they had arrows and a crossbow so they're hunters when i looked at them the first thing the way they were soaked in earth because they've been lying there somewhere and previous night there has been rains in the area so they're all kind of a little damp with that it reminded me of my days in the forest well

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