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Conscious Manifestation | LIVE Special Event with Eckhart Tolle on Dec 4 @ 5pm PT | 8pm ET

and welcome it's great to be with you my name is Tammy Simon I'm the founder of sounds true and it's my joy and honor to welcome you to this special question and answer session about conscious manifestation with eart tole our team has gathered many many questions and sifted through them to select some of the most common and compelling questions about consci manifestation and I'll be asking those questions to eart in just a few moments here at the start of our program for those of you who are unaware I want to let you know that echart and his teaching partner Kim a are creating an in-depth teaching program it's called the spiritual guide to conscious manifestation and it's a 4mon Learning Journey that begins at the end of May next year with a 4-day retreat in Huntington Beach California and then following the 4-day retreat there's a 4mon online learning immersion an atome curriculum that follows and right now we're in the process of letting people know about the spiritual guide to conscious manifestation the in person Retreat followed by the four months at home there'll also be a fully virtual version of the program that will announce soon and also you can apply for scholarships to attend the program so if you're interested in going even deeper into some of the themes that we'll be starting to explore here in this Q&A session I encourage you to check out the spirit spiritual guide to conscious manifestation you can just click the learn more button that's under the player page and with that eart shall we shall we move into the questions welcome thank you Tommy welcome everybody Welcome to the present moment before we start I'd like to mention that you might be hearing a strange p p in the background which is due to the Heavy Rain that's falling here at the moment it's all part of the live session when I speak you will probably hear it less but when I stop speaking you will hear more clearly for example now all right art shall We Shall We Begin uh let's have a little meditative talk and then I would hand it back to you Tammy with the first question wonderful at any given moment part of being present in the moment is what is conventionally called gratitude or thankfulness I guess gratitude is and thankfulness are the same thing in the English language thankfulness is of Germanic origin or Anglo Saxon and gratitude is of LA origin they're being the same thing so part of being present is when you're really in the now almost inevitably a certain appreciation arises to whatever is manifesting in the now at this moment what's manifesting for example here in the background is the sound of the rain on the window pane or the external window cell kind of amplifies the sounds and that's something to be grateful for because there it's a lifegiving substance there lots of tree here very tall trees there actually not not far from where I'm sitting uh there the rainforest uh it's the actually this area of British Columbia is the world's largest temperate rainforest and this this is why we call it grain Forest because it loves the water it rains so much it has created this wonderful vegetation been there a milon years so we can be grateful for the sound of the rain instead of feeling it's a something to be rejected or complain about for the lifegiving substance of water this is only one example whatever arises and you're really present you give it attention whatever manifests naturally uh you can you welcome it and even if it's something that looks like uh an obstacle or a hindrance that can also be welcomed life is full of these things that we call challenges real challenge always arises in the present moment and there are other challenges that arise in the mind a real challenge Ares something an obstacle arises and again there can be a kind of gratefulness even for that because you realize that the evolution of Consciousness requires obstacles it requires the rising of a limitation in your life because only by encountering limitation do you become motivated to transcend or rise above the limitation and that requires more Consciousness in some simple cases it may just require more physical strength on so but whatever it is it requires an influx of energy on whatever level whether it's on just purely physical level or in a more refined level of conscious attention Consciousness itself so I'm just mentioning this importance whenever you are uh interested in manifesting uh first of all acknowledge what is already naturally manifesting in this present moment and see if you can come become friendly with it instead of wanting to eliminate it in order to have something better that's already an obstacle that arrives when you're trying to that you're creating an obstacle when you're trying to manifest something but you're there's an unhappiness at the basis of it so when we when we begin to talk about answer the question question s I'm sure I'll come back to that it is a very common obstacle that arises and that is a dissatisfaction with the present moment an inability or unwillingness to acknowledge the aliveness of the present moment no matter what where it is and what form it takes uh and that becomes a hindrance to to your ability to uh manifest uh [Music] powerfully um because that's ego ego lives largely through nonalignment with the present moment that keeps the ego going but let's go to the first question and then uh uh we'll continue talking about uh this importance of being aligned with the present present moment and the power resides in the in the present moment the power that is available to you to manifest resides in the present moment here and now this first question eard is directly on that point it's from Jack from Massachusetts who writes in do you have to be quote out of your head quote and totally present in the moment to consciously manifest something yes that's a a good question and a um out of your head I guess the question means by that uh out of the thinking mind the head is often used uh meaning the thinking mind um yes the foundation for manifesting is to be deeply rooted in the present moment in in the dimension of being uh the dimension of being is there when the mind you you you uh encounter this Dimension you access this Dimension when the thinking mind subsides for a moment and let's not just talk about it but actually experience it in this very moment the possibility for the stream of thinking to subside just for a moment and yet you remain very conscious AER and you're not only conscious of the sense perceptions around you which you acknowledge and perhaps find some a sense of appreciation that we may sometimes called gratitude an appreciation when you become present appreciation for whatever surrounds you even seemingly insignificant little things they they're all there they have a they have a certain presence your sense perceptions and then the deeper aspect of being rooted in the dimensional being is to sense the presence let's call it your presence altho

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