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The Science & Benefit of Offering Arati | Sadhguru Exclusive

thank you in the Indian tradition an arti and doing pujas is with fire as common what is it that happens when one does aarti to a guru a photo of a God or an idol or on the ganga and then people take the Arty to apply it to their face does something change in the fire after the arti [Music] it is not that the fire changes if a certain form is exuding certain energy and you do not know or you do not have the capability to Simply connect with it and you want to connect with it fire is a good medium to bring both of you together as we've been saying fire has been used in so many ways to bond with each other Without fire there is no wedding in India because it is being used as a bond to bring people together [Music] foreign [Music] whether physical kind emotional kind or spiritual kind Without fire there is no Union taking this further if a certain form either in the form of a picture or a deity if it is exuding certain energy to make yourself available to it fire is a good means so you will see you enter the Devi Temple if you go if a few people go stand there fire so that they will connect [Music] baby it's not that she will not connect Without fire she will but to make you conducive to it to make you available to it to make it the way where if see if you're looking at in an elemental way you cannot connect with people whatever the earth and water that is there in somebody or something but if fire is built between people something gets connected so this entire process is to connect you with that Dimension so the fire which goes around the deity has acquired that the aura of the fire not the fire itself the Akash around the fire has acquired a quality of the Divine so when it comes to you you don't put your hand Into the Fire around that you take the Akash and put it your eyes or put it on top of your head or put it your heart you want to take the akashan you want to benefit from that trying to some element of the Divine for your own benefit to take it and make it a part of yourself so the whole RT process is an effort in this direction it is these are all different things that can assist a person to slowly develop your own fire but above all in the yogic system there are various processes where no fire is lit all the fires lit are within so this is what you hear from ancient times the yogis for doing Tapas the word tapa means heat or fire so you are generating your own fire so external help is needed when internal possibilities are not so big but internal possibilities if they are created no external help is needed that's a simple aspect of it [Music] [Music] fire has brought various aspects to our life many temples were built for fire across the world very powerful reverberations in the form of monthless Fire approximately takes that form you'll feel suddenly there is a certain Freedom a certain release within you are you who wants to access the nature of life he will focus only on Surviving it's the ultimate fire which holds all other fires within it trying to take some element of the Divine for your own benefit to take it and make it a part of yourself foreign

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