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my beloved child I see the depths of your heart the hidden Corners where you think your secrets are safe but remember you and I share those sacred places and nothing is hidden from my gaze if you feel this message is not just for you but for someone else in need share it with them for in sharing you can save a soul I deeply bless those who spread these words without shame let's have a conversation you and I when you wake each day don't let your thoughts plunge into chow and worry instead begin with gratitude D for your family for your life for the time you still have and for the longing in your soul to make things right I love you and I've shown Mercy for a long time I haven't punished you for your mistakes nor have I abandoned you because of a single act of Disobedience to my Commandments Thou shalt not kill Thou shalt not bear false witness Thou shalt not lie Thou shalt not slander Thou shalt not humiliate nor shall you live in Perpetual betrayal there are many things we could discuss and no sin is greater than another each transgression can bring heavy consequences adultery and fornication can harm your body and life but so can slander lies pride and discrimination they too can be destructive causing pain and tearing families apart if these words resonate with your soul if you feel it's my Holy Spirit speaking to you today then strive to seek me daily to receive my word and to obey it do it now for I am always near to seek me is to come with faith believing I will answer and patiently awaiting the blessings I will bestow in my perfect timing come into my presence today and confide in someone you trust pour out your heart your burdens will be lifted your guilt and anguish will be Cast Away From This Day Forward nothing shall hinder the blessings the future of goodness and peace I have prepared for you today you have felt my love and there's someone else in your life who needs to hear these words please share them with all your heart I love you with all my heart good morning and thank you for listening to these words they gift you with peace listen to them once more letter by letter and you will feel my presence beside you caressing your heart and soothing your soul Dear Heart You are not alone and if you stay with me no harm shall befall you be still close your eyes and weep no more for every tear carries a message and your tears convey your needs but my voice heals and comforts you easing your anxieties My Embrace dries your tears and envelops you in Serenity it's not your time to depart yet stay a while longer I want your soul to leave here strengthened unafraid to face the world to walk through shadowy valleys and deserts with confidence knowing you are surrounded and protected by my eternal love day and night feel it embrace it believe it my Holy Spirit infolds you with affection and guards you from The Perils of the world declare aloud my heavenly father is with me no enemy has power over me guard your tongue speak no evil share No false Tales never humiliate those who serve you faithfully and never lie to those who employ you if you've AED in this come before my presence I forgive your transgressions purify your heart but seek me in prayer each morning I desire to free your soul from guilt and remorse I gave my life upon the cross and rose again so you may be liberated from mental and spiritual suffering you are human and in this world your body soul and mind can grow weary even my devoted servants who led holy lives experienced fatigue and made mistakes yet they humbly acknowledged their sins and returned to this altar of forgiveness they Rose to battle and triumphed without faltering come to me now if you are weary if you believe you have failed if you have spoken thoughtlessly if you have wounded a loved one without thought or if you are in snared by a harmful habit whether physical or mental if you truly love me and believe I want to help you come I touch your lips cleanse your heart you are forgiven never return to those same sins I am renewing your spirit and motivation You Will Rise Like A Champion leave behind guilt and moments of Sorrow if you wish to remember something remember the times of Happiness your past victories as you did before with unwavering Faith you will conquer again with this loving Embrace I offer I command you to face life with faith and determination I am with you I love you my Champion you must exercise patience through all that unfolds in your life you need to calm yourself amid the storm remember I honor your faith everything happening now even if it seems incomprehensible has a purpose though you may not understand it at this moment when it concludes and you attain the blessings I have prepared for you you will comprehend trust in me believe have patience and learn to wait you have received many good things because you persevered and even more awaits I know you are disheartened at times overwhelmed by the trials that test your faith but do not yield instead stand firm I will soon reaffirm your steps in the direction you must tread the path leading to my blessings I know you are weary at times feeling that everything is taking too long you may believe there are too many reasons to give up but I ask you to keep believing this trial you are experiencing today is making you stronger no one can steal the blessings that are coming the gifts I bestow upon you do not give up my child keep waiting patiently and trust in me for I am your God I am preparing a blessed and wonderful future for you I will deliver you from these trials and place you in a Haven of Peace joy and honor you can wait a little longer can't you tell me that you will I love you I understand how you feel I know your heart intimately and nothing can be hidden from me no matter how hard you try you know you can come to me with confidence day or night whenever you wish you can share your situation tell me how you are feeling for I am attentive to your emotions and needs it has always been this way how could you think you don't matter to me I rescued you and gave you a new life you know you cannot expect love and understanding from this world but with me you have everything you need and more to satisfy your yearning for peace to fill your life with my love to overflow your heart with that powerful emotion born of the Assurance of being profoundly loved because I love you and that has been the truth even when you doubted during times of adversity my love for you never wavered I loved you love you and will continue continue to love you cease trusting those who betray you stop giving your affection to those who do not value it do not Place anyone else above me the primary place in your heart is mine give it to me acknowledge me respect me hold me in the reverence I deserve in your life I alone must be your God your lord your king no one else should occupy my place this is one of the reasons you have been feeling unwell lately sensing something within you that you cannot expl

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