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YOU WILL NEVER BE LAZY AFTER WATCHING THIS | Buddhist story on laziness |

[Music] once there was a farmer once he planted his crops and soon after this his sparrow builder nest in between fields just after some time the sparrow lead eggs in the nest soon little sparrows came out of those eggs and started to live happily with their mother sparrow the sparrow used to go daily in the forest to feed her little children one day when she came back from forest she found that her children were very scared she asked them what happened my children why are you so scared they said mother farmer came here today and he was talking about harvesting he was saying tomorrow he will send his sons to cut the crops then they said mother where shall we go after crops has been cut we are not even able to fly right now after listening to her children the mother sparrow said don't worry my children nobody will come tomorrow to cut the crops so please don't be afraid next day it exactly happened as the sparrow said no one came there to cut the crops many days passed like this but no one came there to cut the crops everything was going well sparrow's children were very happy one day again when sparrow returned from the forest she was again shocked to see her children's faces they were so scared again sparrow asked them the reason behind their fear they said oh mother farmer came here today and he was talking about crop harvesting again today he was saying tomorrow he will send the libers to cut the crops after listening to them sparrow gain said don't worry my children no one will come tomorrow to harvest the crops next day again same happened as peru said no one came there to cut the crops many days passed like this again one day when sparrow came back from the forest her children told her they said mother today farmer again came and he was talking about harvesting crops but as usual we know that no one will come here to harvest the crops the mother sparrow asked them to explain the whole incident the children said mother two-day gain farmer came here and he was talking that he has wasted a lot of his time on depending upon others and he said that tomorrow he will come to cut the crops by himself after listening these the mother sparrow got for it she said children we will have to leave this place immediately and make our nest on some other place because tomorrow farmer will definitely come for harvesting crops the children said but mother the farmer has been saying this for the last several days but every time no one comes for harvesting why are you sure that this time farmer will come for harvesting the mother sparrow said for the first time farmer was dependent on his sons to complete the work the second time he was dependent on the labors to get the work done and when you depend on others to get your work done your work can never be completed but this time he has decided to do it himself therefore tomorrow he will definitely come and harvest his crops the children were able to fly by now they all flew away from there and made their nest in another place the next day the farmer came to the fields and started harvesting but by then the bird and its children had left the field [Music] if we see in our lives we will find that those who are always dependent on others for their work their work is never completed in fact relying on others for your work is actually laziness but it also does not mean that you should not take anyone's help it is not wrong to ask for help but if one wants to start any work or do it on time then that work should be done by oneself because self-help is always respected and others also help those who help themselves but it is not right to be completely dependent on others for your work therefore if you have any dream in your life never depend on others to fulfill that dream instead do it yourself and you will always be successful [Music] you

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