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foreign ancient times in India children were sent to gurukul to study students used to stay and study in the gurukul and do duties like cleaning the gurukul watering the plants and cooking food Etc in the gurukul just like that there was a gurukul near the forest away from the town where hundreds of children used to get education under the guidance of their master once a boy was also sent to gurukul to study soon he got friendly with other students in gurukul but he was very weak in studies he would do daily duties diligently but anything that Master taught him was poorly understood by him and for this reason he was often ridiculed by other students at your end all his classmates were promoted to next class but he could not make it Master tried to teach him by every possible method but the boy would not understand finally the master gave up and said to the boy son I have tried everything and made all efforts to help you to learn but still you can't understand anything perhaps education is not in your destiny so it is better that you go to home and help your family with their household work boy also thought that perhaps studies is not something that he can do and with heavy heart he left for his own summer season was on its peak and it was afternoon time the boy was walking toward his home which was about 20 miles from the groupul he was just walking and thinking about something while walking when he was passing nearby Village he started feeling thirsty so he went around looking for some water looking around he found that some women were feeling water from a well he went near the well to drink some water when he got nearby he saw some marks on a solid Stone kept near well which was used under the Rope to draw water from well he lost a woman how did you make this Mark on the stone the woman replied we did not make this Mark it is there because of the soft rock which is repeatedly used over it while drying water from well repeated use of rope made such marks on the stone listening to this the boy got into thinking he pondered that when repeated movement of his off rope can make deep marks on such a solid Stone then why can't he learned with constant practice he was inspired by this incident he went back to gurukul with a lot of enthusiasm and started studying tirelessly master was also happy to see him working hard and cooperated fully with him after a few years this boy became renowned by name of acharya vardhraj who was a great scholar of Sanskrit grammar he composed great Sanskrit grammar books like madhya siddhant comedy lagu siddhant comedy and sarsidant comedy even after hundreds of years these grammar books have been remained unmatched if we see in our lives we will find that it is very important to work hard to be successful in life practice is very important whether it is in sports or in studies or anything else one cannot succeed without practice along with practice determination is also very important if you will be sitting on mere luck without practice then at the end you will be left with nothing but regret if we look into the story we will find that earlier that child was very weak in studies and he did not understand anything but with his determination and tireless practice he became a great scholar this happened only because of his practice with perseverance through the story I want to send a message to all the students who want to be successful in their lives I want to tell them that you must bring these two qualities in your life strong determination and tireless practice history is only the story of such few people who have adopted these two qualities in their lives all the big Scholars scientists or other great people who made their name in the history were not better than you they did not have anything that you don't have but they all became great only by their perseverance and tire perspectives therefore if you also want to reach the height of greatness in your life then start working hard from today with determination because by patience hard work and perseverance practice you can get anything in your life [Music]

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