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How Do You Use the Mind to Cultivate Joy? | Eckhart Tolle Explains

if a form gives you what Joy it's not really the deepest the true joy that is an intrinsic part of your self nature it gives you pleasure but pleasure exists in the realm of opposites and what gives you pleasure will also give you pain either because it leaves you or because it turns into its opposite every time you identify with a thought stream totally you have reincarnated into that thought stream your sense of self is completely in it so you continuously reincarnate into a rising phenomena it could be external things experiences and you totally it matters absolutely and so while one could say the deeper sense of coming to the end of reincarnation is to no longer reincarnate into identification with form into seeking yourself or believing that yourself is in a form and here we are speaking at the moment primarily of thought forms so to this compulsion to reincarnate always into the next thought stream to be totally fascinated by it and always needing the more to make your reincarnation complete and never getting there that's we are moving that is being trapped in that normal State of Consciousness and that is still the majority of on the planet is still trapped in that but very powerfully something else is arising now and it's arising here so the words you give them attention but they no longer have your that they no longer have your total attention there's some attention that you give to the words but you also give attention to the underlying Stillness even as you listen and of course the moment you do that the unconditioned Consciousness is there in you and your mind becomes still without losing consciousness you're fully aware you're aware of the silence but what really is that silence or rather that Stillness the Stillness is the unconditioned Consciousness awareness itself and you're aware of that now that sounds as if it were dualistic but it's only because I'm using language you're aware of awareness when you are aware of Stillness and the moment you pay attention to Stillness you've become still and that might at first be like a phenomenon outside of you that you are attentive to oh and you may notice there is a certain alertness that comes with that awareness of Stillness and you cannot be aware of Stillness through thinking thought Stillness does not exist for thought thought can come in subsequent L and say oh that's Stillness how nice or it can say oh you see you've lost it already I had it I had it only a moment ago how can I get back to it that was such a wonderful experience and it's not really an experience because it is the Stillness is always there so during these days here learning what that means to be aware of that underlying Dimension not only in these sessions and then when you leave here become totally absorbed again and or reincarnate again totally into Rising thought dreams and sense perceptions but carry that awareness awareness of underlying awareness I'm speaking of things that you can't speak of that's why it's sometimes a little funny you carry that with you not only here although you can perhaps sense it more powerfully in these sessions but then you walk out into out there into the gardens and the river and then certain perceptions arise and you're aware of those perceptions and some of them will be very beautiful and occasionally some of may be ugly this is the world and you watch and you underlying the sense perception is a field of aert still presence in which the sense perception happens and that means the compulsion to reincarnate into another thought stream is suddenly not there you're happy not to reincarnate for a while into another thought stream the true Joy arises out of that state of presence there is a very subtle joy in that which in some teachings been called Happiness but I wouldn't use that word it might even be a wrong translation that Joy is in essence an intrinsic aspect of yourself I sometimes call it the joy of being and so it does not depend on what forms are rising at this moment so there is you enjoy the play of forms but the joy does not come from the forms if the joy comes from the forms it's not Joy it's pleasure pleasure is something you derive because a new form has come in it makes you feel good for a while and then it leaves you and makes you feel bad or it the good turns into bad so if a form gives you what Joy it's not really the deepest the true joy that is an intrinsic part of your self nature it gives you pleasure but pleasure exists in the realm of opposites and what gives you pleasure will also give you pain either because it leaves you or because it turns into its opposite such as in a relationship marriage divorce pleasure pain or in business gain loss and so Ramana mahashi said and of course that is a translation and it may not be absolutely correct translation happiness is your true nature I would retranslate it and perhaps in the original what he said is closer to that Joy is your true nature but don't look for Joy you would create some new object mind object you don't need to look for it no simply do not reincarnate continuously ly and it's so simple these sessions are helpful and they are helpful beyond words the words are helpful pointers but there's much more to these sessions than the words and so be alert here to that Dimension that is beyond the words because that Dimension is also Beyond thought and that is where we are going to know what that is which one could describe as consciousness free of thought wow and this is the next step one could say in the evolution of human consciousness which until now we've just come to the end of thought which means Humanity human consciousness being totally dominated run by identified with thought it started as the myth tells us in the Garden of Eden which one could say is a symbolic representation of the arising of thought they ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil evaluate judge the arising of thought loss of Eden and I'm told the translation of that word Eden is place of Joy thought arose and which was a great thing and gradually over many many thousands of years identification with thought came in self and thought became one mankind had to move through that now that State of Consciousness has become more and more dysfunctional look at the history of the 20th century Dreadful Madness so the dysfunction becomes apparent now because we are arriving at the end time you may have seen people walking around I don't know that may not happen in India but in the west with placards the end is near the end is n we' have arrived at the end and perhaps they don't realize how right they are when they say we have arrived at the well perhaps they should put a little another word in we have arrived at the end of time because to be identified with thought totally is also to be governed by time past and future to live exclusively through memory and anticipation and all that that implies so and a completely limited and false sense of iden

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