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4 Tips To Live A Spectacular Life | Sadhguru

[Music] love is not an instrument of convenience it is a process of self annihilation are you ready in some way to fall apart you know falling in love it means something of you should fall so we need to understand this if something larger than yourself need to happen to you what you have made yourself to be that is your creation should fall apart only then something of the creator's creation will touch you to be in love means just that that it is not about your thought and emotion a dimension beyond you has become a part of you if it matures it becomes devotion if it further matures it leads to dissolution so may we bless with this possibility that something beyond you happens to you life is a fabulous phenomenon for one who knows how to ride it one who knows how to ride a wave you can see how fantastic and fabulous it is one who does not learn how to ride it will get crushed by it threatened by it a really good wave rider his dream would be a tsunami what everybody thinks is great danger he would like to write that so it is just a question of skill and competence this is what spiritual sadhana is about spirituality is not a disability it's a tremendous empowerment if you do the right amount of work with yourself you can ride any way of life in whichever form it comes it is my wish and my blessing every one of you should become wave riders whatever life throws at you you should be able to ride it and know the joy of living because this is a limited amount of time anger is not action it's just a reaction in a state of reaction you naturally are in a state of enslavement we need to understand this when something other than the deepest score of yourself determines what you do and how you are that's enslavement well anger is a sure way of being enslaved but a whole lot of people think anger is a kind of empowerment yes if you have donkeys around you you might have produced some results with anger but you tried every day after sometimes nobody will be around you [Music] who you are is entirely your making so at least the way you are should be to your liking if you are not even to your lacking why should the rest of the world suffer you this one thing you must do this is a fundamental responsibility and this is something that you deserve that you must be to your liking that means at least when you're alone [Music] you are well when we deal with the world there are many challenges but at least when you're alone you must be a wonderful happening this is something you must do this is what spiritual process means that you made yourself to your own liking well some people will like you some people will not like you but if you are not to your liking then what is a point this is what karma means that your life is your making make it happen that your life is pleasant in experience to yourself once that happens you will see in some way you will be to everybody's liking there'll always be some people who dislike everything it's all right it's their freedom to do that but the most important thing is that you are happening the way you want yourself to be let's make it happen you know engineering i'm telling you you must engineer yourself the way you want otherwise what's the point of living [Music] here [Music] [Music] hmm [Music] [Music] you

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