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4 Food & Digestion Tips for a Healthy Life | Sadhguru

there is something called as viruda ahara that means if you eat one thing and put another thing which works opposite to that now the damage is big if you eat anything which has thomas inertia will come in your system cognition level slowly will go down so subguru what in your view is the fundamental cause of mental disorders uh if you're asking for one cause well it could be many see one thing is the way we eat it's a very big part of mental illness the way we're ingesting chemicals and hormones today unconsciously at various levels is a serious part of mental illnesses of this generation how we ingest how we take food in this may sound little farfetched for uk but please listen to me carefully we we look at life there like this you are who you are as a person you are who you are because of the parentage that you had the schools that you went to the education that you had now the exposure that you have in your life that's why you have become this kind of a person isn't it it's all many many things receiving so all the times you're receiving what you're receiving is not just information and thought life receives in so many levels on the energetic level it receives so in india we see that anywhere if you want to receive something first thing is you cross your legs all right right now i'm sitting that way it may not be visible to you but first thing is cross your legs because we don't want to receive from the lower part of our body we want to receive anything positive means we want to receive from the upper part of our body so if you go to some place where we think it's energetically strong first thing is we cross our legs and keep our hands open because we want to receive from the dimensions which represent you know in the yogic physiology it's like this there are uh 112 chakras 114 but actually 112 within the human system out of this 112 there are seven categories of them 16 in each one of them these seven are generally known in the world today as chakras so the first three are survival processes and the in between one is representing a meeting of this it is from here on from anahata onwards which is enlightening processes of life so in that sense it is important you receive certain things in certain ways food is considered very basic level of reception how we receive food what we receive is very important today what are we receiving right now as you see societies get more and more affluent they start eating worse and worse food [Music] what a rural person in india would not touch very sophisticated cities are eating that kind of food when i say that kind of food almost anything that western societies are using today are a minimum 30 to 60 days old in yoga their food is classified as sattva rajas and thomas thomas means inertia if you eat anything which has thomas inertia will come in your system inertia does not mean you just become lazy inertia means certain things slow down certain things means essentially regeneration of the system slows down today you know that neural neuronal regeneration is one of the most important aspect of keeping your brain reasonably functionable functional throughout your life if you are consuming foods which are thomasic or causes inertia in the general function of your system in the energetic process of who you are then you will see cognition level slowly will go down over a period of time because everybody understands this this is why they're drinking cups and cups of coca-cola or coffee or alcohol or something else because they know they need to balance that so this kind of balance is a very rudimentary way of balancing your system that you're putting wrong things and then you're trying to correct it with right things the highest number of antacids in the world nearly 60 percent of the world's antacids are so sold in america the most affluent population on the planet this means they have a whole choice of nourishment they can eat the best food but no they will eat the worst food because commercial forces will decide what you eat you cannot eat consciously anymore what you want to eat just i'm saying if everything becomes fresh food in the yogurt culture if you cook something the maximum time in which you can eat it is one and a half hours 90 minutes before that you should have eaten the food after that we won't touch the food because it is started gathering thomas inertia will begin to happen if you want to experiment you can experiment use something eat something very fresh for one week eat something which is processed and kept for one month two months and then eat it you will see the level of alertness in the system you will notice it in your experience but it is happening at the cellular level it is happening in terms of we call this ojas there is no english word for that if you create sufficient ojas which is a non-physical dimension of energy if every cell in your body is wrapped in this believe me your aging process is almost will not progress your cellular age will almost remain stagnant for a long period of time some of the tests they have done on me and uh you know they are saying that i am my cellular age is 25. well i still am like 25 i'm maintaining the same level of activity i'm maintaining the same weight same everything this is not some miracle every human being is capable of this with some simple attention to fundamental things going further in terms of food there is something called as viruda that means if you eat one thing and put another thing which works opposite to that then in your system there is a war you know digestive processes largely between acids and alkalines and all this stuff for example you eat meat which is fatty if you ate it by itself it may not cause that much damage but you ate that with rice and ghee you call that biryani and you ate it now the damage is big because these two things will not go together this is why any any non-vegetarian food and milk and milk related food were never mixed because the moment you mix it it will go opposite to each other and you create a battle within yourself in the yogic culture food should rot should not remain in your stomach bag for more than two and a half hours within two and a half hours you should have moved out you must be feeling empty stomach hunger will not come empty stomach will come and that is good we want our stomach to be always empty because in an empty stomach everything works well and the colon health is something that's completely neglected today if you do not keep your colon clean keeping your mind in a balanced state is very very difficult so in ayurveda and see the first thing if you say anything you are having sleepless nights you are having disturbed something mild any kind of psychological problems first thing is purging purge the system clean the colon suddenly you feel little balanced [Music] so in the yoga center the day starts with a small marble-sized ball of neem and turmeric [Music] there are many aspects to this of what impact it

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