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The Most Motivating 10 Minutes of Your Life | David Goggins

your brain is the most powerful weapon in the world once you put away your phones and your computers and all that [ __ ] we have nowadays that's great we're up to date you know you but your brain is the only thing you have when you're going through depression when you when you're going through hard times you're going through death real life you can't google that [ __ ] man you're alone you're alone you may have a shrink you're going to you may have a best friend you're going to but there's 24 hours in the day where you're alone in this brain and your brain is talking to you in all kind of ways and it wants to control you and pull you in these different pockets if you can't control your own brain and your brain controls you you're you got to tell your brain where you want to go and how you want to go and how you want to get there you got to control it if not it's over what existed for me was okay man how am i gonna [ __ ] make this work and and all i knew back then was hard work the only way anything gets accomplished that's all i heard back in those days you gotta work hard you gotta work hard i'm not getting how to i can't get this paragraph i can't remember what the [ __ ] in this paragraph to pass this test to get in the military read again still not getting it read again but if not getting it write it out and that's how i started learning okay well i can't i gotta write out every [ __ ] thing i do and then write it out again and write out again and guess what happened i got it i got it i can't swim i'm negative buoyant go back again i can't swim go back again go back again go back again i got it i realize if i keep going back and going back and going back until this just becomes your mind was safe okay we're gonna figure it out because he is not going to stop it's not like i'm gonna try one more time no i'm look it's just like alarm clock goes off boop we're going back i can't read right we're going back i gave myself no way out and my mind realized that they said okay we're gonna adapt and overcome now a lot of people say like when i say trying hard they your mind knows man you know this guy's bullshitting me man this guy's lying there's no truth behind it when i was in navy still training people go how are you there for 18 months the program is only six months long you were in three hell weeks in one year no one's ever done that how did you do that i talked about the new norm when i lived in a seven dollar a month place when i was growing up for a short period of time i loved it i didn't know any i i knew any different that was my norm once we moved out of that place we moved to a 236 dollar a month place i was like i never want to go back to that little piece of but if you go back to that seven dollar month place and you realize this is where i live that's all i got your mind says roger that this is home so when i was going to navy seal training for 18 months and going back to all the hard parts over and over again i told myself after the first time i knew it was gonna be a long journey there my body was breaking down it was it was just how it was going on i said you know what this is my new norm so my mind said it's like going to work like you go to work you put your suit and tie on i go into suffering every day every day suffering being broken duct taping my feet up stress fracture shin splints being broken this is my new norm and your mind says if we're not broken this ain't normal we got to be broken so then your mind starts to get tougher and tougher and more cows people how how did you run on broken feet broken broken shins my mind knew this is how we operate we're we're navy still training this is what we are i became hell and that became my new norm i gave myself no way out there was nothing outside these walls of hell nothing i became i loved god but for a short period of time i became the devil because that was hell i became i became the boss the owner the ceo of navy seal training that was my mindset and that's how you get through things you put yourself you immerse yourself in wherever it is you become that you become that and give yourself no way out when i was 297 pounds and i was fat as hell trying to be a navy seal the scariest thing in the world to me even to this day was that that could have been the rest of my life i thought then i was trying hard that's the scariest thing in the world i thought then 297 pound working for ecolab spraying for cockroaches making a thousand dollars a month i thought that was me at my 100 potential coming to find out a few years later i wasn't anywhere near that 106 pounds less graduate navy still training we don't do all these other things looking back on that that was me trying hard that's why people got to understand what is in us we have no idea until we start trying hard and i mean really trying hard where you're obsessed with hey this is my new norm my new norm is that wow this isn't always fun it's not always meant to be fun and that's when you know you're trying hard people hear my story and think this guy is sadistic i realize how how the brain works i figured out how the brain works i i'm a scared kid and that's what gives me so much power i had no foundation and i built this off of just researching the mind the feeling you get is basically invincibility you realize that you can't do it all the time when you need to do it i know i can go to a place that i can live in and when you know that you can run on broken legs and you can do certain things that a lot of people can do but they're not willing to do this power this sympathetic nervous system of fight or flight and you're fighting it it gives you this charge of energy of when you're sitting there at 3 30 4 o'clock in the morning and you're duct taping your feet up because they're broken and you're doing it by yourself and you're going through arguably one of the hardest training in the world and these guys most of them are healthy and you're going through it broken and you already at a disadvantage but you're still there you can feed into that and tap into that for a lot of power but if you look at it well i'm broken man like i'm not gonna make it but if you look at it as man i'm broken and i'm still here and i'm fighting i'm gonna find a way to get through this because i have no other place to go it gives you a lot of power when things start to really really bad my brain and a lot of people's brain they they don't go to the people that called you or your dad beating you up your brain says we get the [ __ ] out of here this is miserable so anger goes away a lot of times when you're suffering because your brain just says we gotta run right we gotta go so that anger is not popping up saying oh i wanna show them i wanna show those people no there has to be a much deeper when i say deeper it has to be down to mineral mineral soil it has to be down to that nice mineral soil where nothing can burn you can't burn dirt so it has to be down that low that liter

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