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𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞: Now it’s Your Time To Be Blessed | God Message Today | God’s Message Now

my child in the depths of life's trials you've been tested and now it's your time to be blessed you've endured so much learning valuable lessons from every twist and turn in your journey your courage has Shone brightly you faced afflictions you never anticipated but they were not a consequence of your actions it was the enemy's attempt to shake you like the wind rustling through wheat in moments of Despair You released your seeds moistened by the tears you shed in your pain but open your eyes with faith for the earth trembles a green Chute arises and you can already see it know this deep in your heart this year a Bountiful Harvest will be yours the seeds you thought had withered have sprung back to life they will return to you transformed into beautiful blessings both great and true these blessings will enrich your spiritual life and carry no sorrow with them they won't be burdened with tension and problems I have placed you precisely where you can flourish but remember I am your Shepherd and your provision comes when you treat others kindly trust in me but put not your complete trust in any mortal being obey my Commandments leave doubt and pessimism behind and rise with unwavering faith with your faith I can work miracles and wonders on a grand scale it is possible if you believe it is done when you see it with your faith but remember this isn't a game of luck or magic I speak of my holy word the one that always comes to fruition in perfect timing in accordance with my will you desire change success prosperity for your family compassion wisdom and Truth in in their lives you long for a transformation with all your heart and I want to assure you that I can transform you I have the power to change hearts and Minds overnight but I always require your faith you are stepping into a new land one you will soon witness leave behind what's passed and reach forward with faith hold on to the blessings I shall place before you the trial is over your time has come today I will work beautiful miracles in your life and your family's life you will not be distressed by the door that has just closed speak to me affirm your thoughts write it down now tell me you believe in receiving this word of comfort and accept this holy encouragement from above if one door closes it's no reason for despair another grander door will open soon bringing something even better there is a spiritual battle in the celestial realm for your life and faith many adversaries oppose your growth attacking you from without and hurting you from within even if you can't see them I will place individuals with Divine knowledge in your path to assist you accept their advice with humility dedicate time to prayer and much more I will reveal to you you will emerge victorious in this battle all obstacles will be destroyed it's true that I can deliver you in an instant but I need you to value your faith talents and Gifts learn that victories are not achieved alone if you discard my word and renounce your faith the enemy will tear you apart and leave you in the mud you will go far you will bless many your family will also grow in wisdom and humility of heart prospering in all aspects but we must walk together give me your hand you are prepared to ascend to that spiritual level where the future is decided and lives are changed so many good things and beautiful Works await you this day while you listen the foundations for your home are being laid upon Solid Rock and future Generations will know me and serve me each will receive a gift a talent a profession the desire to study and prepare dream beyond what you see what you imagine and even further than what you can believe today you and your family are not meant to live in spiritual poverty emotional confusion or struggling from one place to another burdened by debt no my child accept what I say learn to dream I will increase your faith and help you even more so that you can confidently receive receive and manage this blessing that is about to come I will transform your Affliction into blessing your sadness into strength and I will remove your pain healing your heart with my love I want you to feel this tender Embrace wherever you are even if you are busy and surrounded by people take a few seconds and receive this gift by faith it will bring calm to your soul and peace to your mind I give you the power to control those roaring emotions that stir in your head the news you receive alarms you exhausts you and makes you feel weak but my child believe me again I am here nothing is happening your life continues this too shall pass and your future is sealed with a blessing from above your blessing will not be depleted by any enemy seeking to discourage you I can turn every opposition into a blessing every lack into abundance and every illness in your family can be healed I have the power and my eternal desire is for you to receive all these wonders I have been promising you I am God not a mere human I do not lie my purpose Remains the Same as it has been since the beginning of time I have come to save you to give you eternal life to guide you on the right path I am the way the truth your life I am your solution and your way out so I ask you with love to hold fast to my promises to not divert your gaze to the lies of this world it pleases me to see you trust in me to see you pay no attention to the threats posed by provocators they want to steal your peace fill your mind with anger and confusion with false ideas and erroneous feelings they want you to make mistakes in your daily life to be filled with guilt and ultimately to distance yourself from the truth my love and my presence so now you know their intentions I know you love me and won't allow anyone to take you away from the place where you are today surrounded by affection and supreme love unparalleled in your life you've endured much solitude a lack of tenderness but now I embrace you console you with Divine strength and encouragement because I love you deeply my child you were so frightened I heard your cries for help you begged urgently for my mighty hand to intervene believing I was angry with you and unwilling to assist I want you to understand that you will always need me even when everything is going well even when Prosperity surrounds you you must never forget this do not lower your guard for the enemy seeks to make you neglectful to destroy your faith to ruin your plans and wound your soul I will help you in this matter you face today it moves me to see you sad and distressed and it is not my will for you to live in torment I do not want you to feel this way so instead of dwelling on the same thoughts over and over in your head stop give me all your thoughts if defeat crosses your mind don't believe it it's impossible you will not be defeated because you believe in the omnipotent God if discouragement tugs at your heart do not open its doors or you will make a grave mistake one who believes in my power and awaits my ble

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