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𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞: HEAR MY VOICE | God Message for You Today | God’s Message Now

my beloved I speak to you with a heart filled with love and understanding longing for you to know the depths of my affection in the vastness of my generosity I long to pour out my blessings upon you however there is one thing I ask of you beware of feeling entitled to my good gifts yes receive the blessings I bestow upon you with a thankful heart but be willing to release them back to me when the time comes without allowing resentment to take root in this world you may encounter circumstances that challenge your ability to be joyful major losses such as your job your home your health or the loss of a loved one can inflict deep pain and sorrow it is only natural to grieve during such times yet I implore you to learn to focus on the good that remains to find joy in the one who will will never leave your side it is indeed possible to be sorrowful yet always rejoicing as the Apostle Paul discovered through his many hardships the Holy Spirit empowered Paul to find Joy amidst adversity and he can do the same for you you must be willing though to let go of anything I take from you no matter how painful the loss then direct your attention fully to me trusting that I will never let go of you when you find yourself overwhelmed by the weight of your circumstances take a moment to listen to my voice hear me saying take courage it is I don't be afraid I understand that listening to me when you're feeling stressed requires discipline and Trust the chaos of racing thoughts can make it difficult to hear my gentle whisper in those moments ask the Holy Spirit to calm your mind mind so that you can discern my voice always remember that I the Prince of Peace am with you standing by your side at all times know that I am not just with you I am also in your circumstances furthermore I am in control of everything that unfolds in your life while I am never the author of evil I possess the power to use difficult situations for your ultimate good this doesn't erase the pain you may endure but it imbus it with purpose and meaning therefore even in the midst of life's storms I urge you to take courage for it is I seek signs of my abiding presence within your current situation for you will indeed find me when you search with all your heart your life can hold goodness even when external circumstances may not align with your desires I understand your longing for control but my ways are not your ways I want you to learn to rest more in my sovereignty embracing each day as a gift from me regardless of its contents you are not responsible for circumstances beyond your control acknowledge your finite nature and keep turning your gaze toward me cease your striving and know that I am God recognize my loving presence which can Infuse even the most difficult day with joy allow me to guide you step by step through each day for as my follower you are constantly engaged in spiritual battles even on the most routine days minor spiritual skirmishes may arise be vigilant as you follow me along your life's path using the shield of Faith to extinguish the fiery arrows of the evil one identify and reject the deceptive lies that assail tell you day and night rest in the truth of who you are an adored child in my eyes humble yourself under my mighty hand for I am at work in your life experiences whether you perceive it or not there may be times when you feel weighed down by my sovereign will trapped within circumstances you cannot alter the Temptation in such moments is to grow impatient with me and my ways however this will only lead to frustration and distance between us when you find yourself burdened by circumstances shift your perspective by looking up to me gather the courage to say Lord I humble myself under your Mighty hand submit to my ways even when you long for Liberation this protects you from fighting against the Creator and sustainer of the universe rather than engaging in a battle you cannot win utilize your energy to navigate the situation and glean wisdom from it trust that I will ultimately lift you up and alleviate your suffering in my perfect appointed [Music] time I implore you to be strong and courageous regardless of how weak you may feel your strength does not depend on your circumstances it rests upon your confidence that I am with you and for you in moments of weakness fix your gaze upon me the one who walks before you beckoning you forward one step at a time even when everything appears to be going wrong refuse to succumb to discouragement remember that I am a god of surprises I am not bound by the limitations of your understanding or the possibilities you perceive with me all things are possible the longer you wait for your prayers to be answered the closer you are to a breakthrough in the waiting be aware of my loving presence it is a blessed way to live know that I am good to those who wait for me you belong to me I have chosen you and called you out of Darkness into my Marvelous Light this truth forms the unshakable foundation of your life it safeguards you from feeling a drift or alone in this ever changing World many people grasp onto hurtful relationships or harmful things in an attempt to escape their feelings of isolation yet you are never alone for you are mine I chose you even before the creation of the world making you a permanent member of my royal family you once walked in spiritual Darkness until you placed your trust in me as your savior I personally rescued you from that darkness and brought you into my radiant light that you may Proclaim my Praises this is a precious privilege and responsibility I have entrusted to you to fulfill this calling effectively delve into the richness of my character by studying my word delight in me so that the joy of my presence May Shine from your face as you share my love with others I Crown you with loving kindness and Tender Mercies you require abundant measures of these blessings and I Delight in providing them for you your role is to open your heart fully to me recognizing your neediness some may fear acknowledging their neediness as they doubt anyone could ever meet their deficits in human terms this may hold true but I possess infinite reservoirs of blessings for my children my loving kindness is an everlasting gift for I have loved you with an eternal love I am unswervingly committed to you whenever you feel weak and vulnerable come to me and pour out your heart rest in my presence for you are redeemed royalty purchased with my own blood stand still with dignity and confidence as I Crown you with loving kindness and Tender Mercies I am in your midst and I am mighty just as the sun holds the central place in the solar system I am at the core of your entire being your physical emotional and spiritual self I the mighty one who created the universe reside within you let this awe inspiring truth resonate in your mind and permeate your innermost being contemplate the significance of having such immense power dwelling within you one implicatio

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