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[Music] my beloved child as you draw nearer to the essence of who I am the realization of your human Frailty becomes more pronounced it's as though with each step closer the light of my love illuminates the blemishes within your soul this light my child is not to chastise but to lovingly reveal the necessity of my grace in your life the awareness of your sins should not ensnare you in a web of Shame but rather liberate you as you understand the magnitude of My Sacrifice consider the stars that twinkle so gently against the canvas of night their beauty can only be truly appreciated in the absence of artificial light similarly it is against the backdrop of your imperfections that the beauty of my grace shines brightest the understanding of your flaws should not be a source of Despair but a cause for rejoicing for it is in your weakness that my strength is perfected you are wonderfully loved more than your heart could ever fathom my love an unending sea does not shrink from your sins but washes them away with gentle insistent Tides some walk in ignorance child their hearts Veil to the depth of their need for my love they live in a world that Whispers The seductive lie of moral relativity where the concept of son is considered outweighted or even offensive but the truth remains unchanged since the foundation of the world apart from me there is no true north no moral compass that leads to life without me they are a drift and their hearts remain shuttered to the grace that could renew their souls do not be discouraged dear one for you are the bearer of the greatest treur a light that can pierce the deepest Darkness your life transformed by my love is a testament to the hope that dwells within you in you my love finds expression through you it reaches out to those who have yet to find their way back to me the evil one may cast Shadows of doubt and seow seeds of deception but remember that I am the light of the world when you abide in me you become a Beacon of this light a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden in your words and deeds let my light shine forth in your compassion and kindness let it break through the darkness as my follower you possess the light of Life an inexhaustible flame fueled by my eternal love take heart for my love is not a well that can run dry my for forgiveness is not a finite resource that diminishes with use in your journey through this life you will stumble you will fall but each time my hand is there waiting to lift you up rejoice in this endless Grace This Love that transcends all understanding the psalmist knew of this love and sang of unfailing kindness the Apostle spoke of a love greater than any man can know one that lays down his life for his friends and so I urge you love me with all your heart soul and mind this is not a love that is measured by emotion alone but is a steadfast unshakable love a love that stands firm in the face of Trials and rejoices in the truth when you love me in such a way you reflect my love to the world each act of kindness each word of Truth each moment of compassion is a Melody that that harmonizes with the song of creation a song of redemption a lullabi of Grace let this love that you have received overflow let it touch Every Soul you meet so they too might come to know the joy of Salvation the Peace of forgiveness and the hope of eternal life do not be troubled by the darkness in this world nor be dismayed by those who have yet to see you are my ambassador my child The Vessel through which my love flows continue to walk in the light and know that with every step my love is with you my grace is sufficient and my strength is made perfect in your weakness I Am With You Always even to the end of the age now go forth in the Assurance of my love for you are cherished you are redeemed and you are mine forever more hear me for I am your father and in my words find the warmth of My Embrace I have spoken life into your being breathed hope into your days and through my resurrection you have been reborn this is not simply a chapter in your story it is the beginning of a brand new volume in the anthology of your existence the moment you trusted in me my child you became more than you ever imagined you became a member of my eternal family in that single transformative instant you were plucked from the jaws of death and cradled in the arms of everlasting life this is your inheritance the promise that is unmarred by time Untouched by sorrow and unblemished by Decay it awaits you treasured and secure in the realm of Heaven I tell you this not to dwell on the past but to light a path for your future future for in becoming a new creation with my spirit residing in your heart your journey is only just unfolding before you it is a path paved with renewal each step a chance to refresh the essence of your mind to Adorn your spirit with a new self that mirrors my goodness my righteousness and my sanctity this transformation is your calling a Pursuit that will span the breadth of your life Let each day be an opportunity to grow closer to the image I have fashioned for you an image of divine love and grace approach this task with a brave heart and a thankful Spirit stay vigilant my child for in your walk through this world I'm working wonders within you even when the Shadows seem to obscure my presence Embrace this change for it is my hand guiding you when doubt Whispers let Faith be your reply as you shed the remnants of the old the worn and the weary wrap yourself in the newness of life that I offer this is not an Edict of toil but an invitation to dance in the light of my love and to be a beacon of that love to others for every moment you feel alone remember that I am with you when the road seems treacherous know that my word is the lamp unto your feet and when the weight of the world seeks to burden your shoulders lay it down at my feet for my yoke is easy and my burden is light your transformation is not solely for you but also for those around you as you Dawn the cloak of godliness you become a testament to my grace a living breathing Beacon of the hope that does not disappoint in your words let others hear my my voice in your actions let them feel my touch in your love let them see my face remember I have not called you to a life of mundane existence but to an extraordinary adventure with me so my child rise each morning with anticipation of what our shared Journey will bring look for the signs of my handiwork in your life the subtle and the grand for in both the quiet Whispers And The Roaring winds I am there I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut walk through it with confidence for it leads to a kingdom that cannot be shaken to a story that will be told for eternity where every chapter is better than the one before because it is written with the ink of my unfailing love as you continue on this path never forget that I am with you in you and for you my love love surrounds you like the vast expanse of the s

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