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𝐆𝐨𝐝 𝐌𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞: Have Faith And Trust | God Message for You Today | God’s Message Now

have faith my dear child for all things unfold in their own time let go of your worries and Trust in the process nurture your faith and practice patience knowing that my timing is perfect resist the urge to rush toward an uncertain future or cling to fleeting empty Pursuits that bring discomfort to your life release anything that obstructs the flow of my blessings upon you keep a distance from those who lack faith and persevere in your prayers confide in my timing and do not give in to despair many blessings will Grace your life and challenging circumstances will eventually be left behind maintain your patience and fear not for I am with you do not think that I am unaware of your needs I am fully acquainted with every aspect of your existence I see the burdens you carry within your heart the distress that engulfs you during Financial struggles and moments of illness but right now in this very moment open your heart to my promises and guidance embrace my word seek it diligently have faith and bask in my presence all things will come to fruition in their own time I will Infuse your life with peace and serenity and I will shower you with blessings as a reward for your unwavering trust in me always remember that I am a God of power and miracles I am not only bestowing blessings and healing upon you but upon your family your children and your parents as long as you trust in my Divine timing and exhibit patience do not lose your sanity or seek shortcuts for they may lead you astray and cause harm continue in your prayers continue to delve into my teachings and refrain from Hasty Pursuits of material possessions keep in mind that what the world offers is transient while what I offer is eternal and a source of blessing for your life maintain your trust in my promises for everything will come to fruition in due course I never delay or forget and I am and will remain attentive to each of your needs do not despair for I am at your side do not be Hasty due to the actions of the wicked and do not envy those who engage in wrongdoing they shall soon wither away like grass and like tender herbs they shall wither place your trust holy in me and let your actions be guided by righteousness dwell in this land of existence and take joy in my unwavering faithfulness Delight in your connection with me and I will grant you the desires that reside deep within your heart entrust your journey to me have unwavering faith in me and I will bring your aspirations to fruition I will shine upon your righteousness like the radiant light of day and your Justice will shine as brilliantly as the Noonday Sun find your rest in me and patiently await my guidance do not let the success of the wicked disturb your peace even when they prosper in their Wicked Ways let go of anger and forsake the path of wrath for it only leads to harm know this evildoers will be cut off but those who patiently wait upon me will inherit the very Earth they walk upon in just a little while the wicked shall be no more you may seek their place but it shall be empty yet in that time the meek The Humble of heart will inherit this Earth and revel in an abundance of Peace beyond measure the wicked May schem and Nash their teeth in vain against the righteous but I your lord I laugh at their feudal efforts for I see that their Day of Reckoning is Drawing Near The Wicked May draw their swords and bend their bows with the intent to harm the poor and the upright but their weapons shall turn upon themselves their swords will find their own hearts and their B those shall be shattered know this truth the little that a righteous person possesses is more precious than the vast wealth of many Wicked for the arms of the wicked shall be broken while I the Lord shall uphold the righteous I know the days of the blameless and their inheritance is an everlasting one they shall not know shame in times of trouble and even in days of famine they shall find satisfaction as for the wicked they Shall Perish and the enemies of the Lord like the fleeting Splendor of The Meadows shall vanish Into Thin Air like smoke Carried Away by the wind the wicked may borrow and fail to repay but the righteous show mercy and give generously those who are blessed by me shall inherit the earth while those cursed by me shall be cast aside the steps of a good person are ordered by me and I Delight in their Journey even when they stumble they shall not be utterly cast down for I the Lord uphold them with my hand I have watched over my children from their youth and I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor their descendants begging for bread they are perpetually merciful and willing to lend and their descendants shall be showered with my blessings Turn Away From Evil and commit yourselves to doing good and you shall dwell in my presence eternally for I the Lord love Justice and never abandon my Saints I protect them for all time but the descendants of the wicked shall be cut off the righteous shall inherit this land and abide in it forever the mouths of the righteous speak wisdom and their tongues are ever attuned to Justice my law is etched upon their hearts and none of their steps shall falter the wicked may watch the righteous seeking to harm them but rest assured I the Lord will not leave them in the clutches of their adversaries nor shall I condemn them when judgment is passed wait upon me continue along the path I have set before you and I shall exalt you to inherit this land when the wicked are cut off you shall bear Witness to my Justice I have witnessed the wicked in their days of great power spreading themselves like flourishing trees native to the land yet in the blink of an eye they shall pass away and they shall be found no more I have sought them out but they are gone pay heed to the blameless take note of the upright for their future is one of unending peace but as for the transgressors they shall be brought to knot together and the future of the wicked shall be severed know this Above All Else the salvation of the righteous comes solely from me the Lord I am their strength in times of trouble and I shall be their Refuge I will Aid them and deliver them from the wicked for they Place their unwavering trust in me calm your spirit my beloved for you will overcome your ch challenges soon you will reap the rewards of your persistence I know that you are currently facing difficult times and adversities and the problems that confront you weigh heavily on your heart bringing pain and constant anxiety into your life I understand that the difficulties you face have become a burdensome load casting a shadow over your days and filling you with uncertainty but know this my cherished in the midst of this storm You are not alone I stand beside you holding you with love and care I understand that the burden you carry is overwhelming and I recognize the tears you shed in the Solitude of the night as an expression of your anguish and weariness but let me assure you dear soul tha

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