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my beloved child hear me as I speak to you through the Whispers of your heart through the beauty of a Sunset and the Stillness of the early morning I am always with you guiding you and infusing your life with my eternal hope let me share with you the Deep Wellspring of joy that can sustain you through all trials and tribulations for in me you find the strength that undergirds the Universe the peace that surpasses all understanding and the hope that lights every Darkness always be ready my child to share this hope that stirs within you it bubbles up like a spring in the desert surprising even you with its persistence and its power when others gaze into your eyes let them see the reflection of my love when they question your joy be ready to open your heart and reveal the source of your life night remember my presence is a treasure within you a lamp unto your feet and a flame that warms the cold night of someone's Soul even when you find yourself wearied by the burdens of the day when each step feels like a March through heavy clay lift your eyes to me it is precisely in these moments when your spirit feels stretched thin that your words can carry the most weight in your vulnerability my strength is perfected your trials become the very soil from which hope blossoms vibrant and Vivid capturing the Gaze of those who have become accustomed only to the gray judge not who is worthy to hear of this hope I tell you it is not your role to sift through Hearts as though they were grains of sand I am the creator of the human heart the one who form formed it from the dust who knows its complexities and its yearnings it is I who can call forth streams in the desert who can write a message of Redemption on the blank page of a soul deemed unreadable by the world so speak of me of the hope you have to everyone for in the Kingdom of Heaven There Are No poor candidates only beloved children yet to come home living in awareness of my presence my child is like walking through life with a constant companion who knows every beat of your heart trust in me your hope and let that trust be as natural as breathing it will steady you as surely as the Sunrise follows the night when the path ahead is obscured by Mists of uncertainty or the climb steepens steady Yourself by reflecting on the truths of the Gospel it is the rock upon which you can stand when all around you is shifting [Music] sand take heart and Ponder on these truths I have loved you with an everlasting love before I formed the mountains I knew you I have seen your struggles and I am acquainted with all your ways in your moments of joy and in times of Sorrow I am there gaze upon me your glorious hope and be filled with a sense of wonder at the love that spans eternity this hope is not a fragile thing my dear one though it may sometimes feel like it is held together by mere threads it is as strong as the most ancient forests and as resilient as the tides that sculpt the shores hope rooted in my presence does not deny the reality of suffering nor does it ignore the pain that life can bring instead it looks suffering in the face and Whispers a truth that has the power to transform Hearts you are not the end of the story so I say to you as Peter once wrote be prepared to give an answer for this hope that you carry it is not a hope built on the transient on the fleeting Whispers of this world but on the Rock Solid Promises of my word for I am the same yesterday today and forever the hopes of this world will fade like the grass of the fields but my words my promises and the hope I offer you will never pass away in Romans you are reminded that hope does not disappoint because my love has been poured out into your hearts this is not a mere trickle but a deluge an outpouring that fills every crevice every corner every hidden space you are immersed in my love and it is This Love that fuels your hope hope that enables you to face each new day with courage and with joy and in the Psalms you find a beautiful invitation to seek my face to dwell in my house all the days of your life to gaze upon my beauty this my child is the essential preparation for giving an answer to anyone who asks you for the reason for the hope you have for as you dwell in my presence as you gaze upon my beauty you will be transformed your face will reflect my glory and your words will carry the weight of Eternity so walk in this hope my child a hope that is an anchor for your soul firm and secure it reaches into the very presence behind the veil where I am where you will one day be with me forever carry this hope out into the world Let It Shine through your words your actions and the very essence of your your being For You Are My Messenger of Hope a beacon of light in a world that so desperately needs to see the face of my perfect love be at peace my beloved for I Am With You Always even to the end of the age and this hope I have placed within you will never disappoint it will rise within you like the dawn a promise of a new day a testament to the unshakable love I have for you share it freely share it boldly and watch as it changes the world one heart at a time my beloved child in the quietness of this moment hear me whisper to you for it is I the one who molded the stars and set the heavens into their glorious expanse who speaks to your heart I am the author of Life the creator of all that is seen and unseen and I have shaped you in my own image breathed into your very being the breath of Eternity I am ever with you as close as the air that Embraces you as near as the pulse that dances in your wrist you dear one are the bearer of my Divine spark and inheritor of a promise that transcends time that stretches beyond the Mortal coils of this Earth the eternal life I give to you is not just a gift it is a covenant a joining of my spirit with yours that shall never be sundered you shall never perish for how can eternity wne how can the boundless fade no power in existence can snatch you from my hand for my grip is sure my strength unfailing consider the lies of the field how they grow they toil not neither do they spin and yet I tell you even Solomon in all his glory was not AR raid like one of these if I so clothe the grass of the field which today is alive and tomorrow is cast into the oven will I not much more clothe you oh you of little faith trust in my provision lean into my love and let your heart not be troubled in the world you have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world you may face trials face heartaches that seem to press the very breath from your lungs but within these trials lies the making of your faith the deepening of your Soul's Reliance on me the gift of eternal life illuminates your path a beacon in the darkest night a comfort in the fiercest storm it is a light that not only shines but also warms a Perpetual presence that chases away the shadows of Despair do not let the Thorns of Life deter you they are but brief they are transient the

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