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my beloved child you have my unwavering support and with your faith and the Heart of a champion you will Triumph in all your Pursuits it's important though to deepen your connection with me I don't spend time dwelling on your mistakes nor will my love for you wne due to your missteps I rejoice in seeing you stand firm in my promises navigating through turbulent rivers and challenging marshes across mountains and valleys even if you falter or stain your garments you're aware of the trust you place in me your ultimate goal and the blessing that awaits beyond the formidable Mountain you're about to conquer you carry the Assurance of my love understanding your trials and I withhold judgment I am ready to cleanse you from the mud that has soiled you for my wish is for you to proceed fearlessly and steadily my blood's power encompasses you and your attire I will transform you I will wash your feet with the pristine Waters of a Heavenly River and provide you with Divine honey to rejuvenate your tired Spirit you are my Champion my warrior I will be vigilant prepared to lift you in Victory Aid you in your struggles and protect you from harsh assaults during times of rest therefore you will continue your journey On Life's path armed with the shield of truth and the sword of my word advancing without fear imbued with the faith that flows within you you will overcome illnesses and debts shatter chains and bonds and permanently destroy the prisons of your past you will bring down the walls that once restricted you I urge you to be brimming with faith my cherished child this strength you sense is Not Mere fantasy it is tangible affirm it daily as you rise casting aside all fear and confusion facing life with Clarity and resolve secure in the knowledge that you are already Victorious the enemy Retreats from those who possess the resilience to endure even amid moments of weakness and fatigue they know they are cherished by a heavenly father and in this belief they find the key to overcoming grief and despair from this perspective you'll see the wonderful blessings I intend to give you thus I urge you once more to deepen your relationship with me my love is yours Unbreakable by anyone or anything seek my counsel in significant decisions let me soothe your emotions and clarify your thoughts I will lead your heart down the right path do not rush into actions without first presenting your plans and intentions to me I am equipping you with the fortitude to resist manipulation and coercion into choices that could result in a life of sorrow and bondage be cautious in giving your love to those you barely know heed the warnings you sense reflect on your past errors and how they made you feel you you lost valuable days and moments of peace and unity with your family burdened by obligations I had not asked of you avoid repeating these mistakes now that you've experienced my love and know I am with you refuse to be enslaved again I can free you from any situation but it's better not to fall into one by your own doing therefore consider your decisions thoughtfully mindful of the impact they have on others ignore ignoring my guidance is akin to Playing with Fire challenging my authority and questioning the validity of my promises you are not that person anymore you respect and obey me so I ask you to continue walking with caution and wisdom avoid associations or deals with the foolish who care not for your life or family they'll deprive you of your assets and trap you in debts or unfulfilled promises stay away from such people choose a different path if unsure about your Direction come to me spend time in my presence a new year is nearing and I desire it to be filled with encouragement joy and Liberation a time of great family happiness I don't want you to endure sadness or the torment of those who would enslave you if you understand my message do not worry positive changes are coming a period when you'll regain what was lost you'll witness my power nothing is too hard for me a tremendous Miracle is near your prayers have been heard what I plan to give you surpasses anything you could request your fate rests in my hands alone don't be swayed by others negativity or doubts I am with you and my love for you is absolute while Others May dwell in falsehoods you had the courage to trust in me therefore I assure you that you will Thrive even in desolate lands where others lament scarcity and need in these places where many lose hope you will prosper yet my cherished Child In This Very place you will discover strength and your dreams will flourish a new you are on the path to achievement what was once meant to hinder you I have reshaped to elevate you today's formidable challenges will become tomorrow's powerful testimonies of Faith perseverance commitment patience resilience and love trust in me even when the way forward seems obscured it doesn't matter how deep you've Fallen my powerful hand is there to raise you although I may seem silent at times I always present my strong arm will support you until you are victorious my timing is perfect for you grasp the opportunity for Action while the world may be troubled by scarcity and rumors of conflict you reside under my protection your family is continually blessed by me if I instruct you to move do so if I tell you to stand stand if I pronounce victory over you claim it embrace my words and let go of past mistakes and sins leave the past behind behold your life has been completely transformed and reshaped you are not the same person your future is secure in my hands in my presence I will watch over and guard you therefore I encourage you again to pray daily approaching me with joy and Faith regardless of your feelings even on days filed with turbulent emotions and doubts come to me I love you and accept you just as you are my wish is for you to take a step of Faith towards me do not be afraid I will help steady your emotions fill your heart with bravery and remind you of my promises to increase your faith you need me and I am aware of it I value your talks with me your trust in me and your openness in sharing your emotions I heard you this morning and I heard you yesterday your words may be few but your sincerity and intention are what matter most nothing more is required remember even faith is small as a mustard seed is enough for your prayers to reach the heavens it is there your destiny is shaped and from there I send you comfort and show my love I know your needs and I will provide according to my plan all my answers are meant for your ultimate good for now stay calm amidst fear recall my words when troubles come knocking answer them in my name saying God is my provider he is my eternal Savior and I am confident he will assist me today just as he always has heed my guidance adhere to my Commandments and stay true to the path I have laid out for you avoid distractions on either side concentrate on the objective I have established for you today distract

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