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Your Future Self Will Thank You For Watching This Video | Lisa Nichols Motivation

[Music] you're going to play big say big you're going to play huge say huge you're going to play ginormous say ginormous but first take baby steps we want so much so fast my grandmother says baby she starts every sentence with baby she said baby the best things you'll ever have from grandma will never come from the microwave they always come from the oven and i realized that the best things that you're going to create are going to take time build it on cement not sinking sand you're going to get tons and tons and tons of tools here and you're going to want to fast forward when you fast forward you're building on plexiglass you've been on styrofoam you've been on wood you want to build it on cement your dream is important enough to outlive you and so i realized that that you can't google download resiliency you can't google download tenacity you can't google download forgiveness there are some of the best qualities and characteristics that's going to take you a long way that you need to invest time in and energy in an intention in you don't just get patience i want patience i'm waiting for somebody's gonna piss you off tomorrow and now you get the test of your patience i realized that as i wanted to develop me i had to be willing to climb and i wanted to get to the top and there's no elevator to the top i gotta do my squats i gotta work on my quads and my hamstrings and my calves cause i gotta climb to the top we gotta climb abundant thinkers keep themselves in a constant state of cognitive dissonance write that down abundant thinkers keep themselves in a constant state a constant state of cognitive dissonance you're creative spell it any way you want now what is cognitive dissonance cognitive dissonance is when you have literally thought about a version of yourself that you're not currently living right now meaning the thought that you have of yourself your behaviors are not congruent with so your mind becomes disrupted your mind says wait a minute you're seeing me here but my behaviors aren't here and when you keep yourself in a constant state your mind begins to influence your behaviors to be congruent with your thought oh next level cognitive dissonance abundant thinkers that's why he went out to the ocean that's why he's up on stage he's constantly seeing himself further than what his behaviors want to really do and then when he does it now i got that down constantly now is being grateful for your now yes yes being grateful for your now but clearly seeing where you're going and not resting until you get there and that year when i was really broke and i was really broken i was working at la unified school district i was miserable i was miserable because i wasn't living in my dream i was just doing a j.o.b and then one day i said well what what do i need to do i i need to i need to buy my freedom that's what i need to do i need to buy my freedom well i don't know about buying my freedom i don't know about buying i don't know about having money saved up my family didn't have money saved up my mother used to tell me oh this money is burning my pocket so i know two things about money it's hot and we can't keep it long we'd always have one week where we had all the food in the refrigerator and then one week where we were the refrigerator was empty right come on come on some of you guys know about that to this day i spend so much money on groceries you guys oh my god it's like i'm feeding like a family of ten because i'm so afraid of anybody ever being at my house and being hungry and so i i wrote a check to myself jelani was three a hundred and ten dollars i took it to the bank wells fargo i started a new account the next check i wrote 125 and just like the first check i put in the memo line funding my dream i wasn't even clear what the dream was but i knew there was something in my belly who in this room know you got something in your belly there's something here i'm not even clear about it i don't know how clear you are but i wasn't clear about it but i knew there was a calling on my life greater than working for la unified school district and no disrespect to ella unified school drink it just wasn't my destiny i wrote another check in two weeks 146 dollars funding my dream now i started mailing the checks in because i didn't want to see my balance because i didn't want to go shopping because i you're going to repeat what you learned right until you decide to not repeat what you learned so i mailed the check in and then i wrote another check and i wrote another check and every check i wrote i made sure it was five percent more than the first check the net the previous check i sold my ultima i had a car note sold my ultimate bought a clunker because it didn't have a car note now i can write a bigger check funding my dream i moved out of my three-bedroom three-bed three-bath house and moved in became a roommate with my friend who smoked i put towels at the base of the door so the smoke wouldn't come through the door i was willing to be inconvenienced are you i'm just saying i'm just i'm just showing you the story i just the charge i just gave you i stopped getting my hair done that was when i started going natural i stopped going out i i stopped going out dancing i stopped going out to dinners my family didn't know what was going on they thought oh my god you know it's la she's on drugs but she's not losing weight so maybe not i don't know what's going on i kept writing bigger checks to myself 900 i mailed it to wells fargo funding my dream i still wasn't clear what the dream was i just knew i had one and it was being born through me and i needed to give it a chance that's all i knew you don't have to see 2 000 feet in front of you just see 200 and run to the 200. three and a half years later i'd written a check to myself every two weeks for three and a half years i didn't go out for three and a half years i didn't go dancing i didn't get my hair done i did get my nails done for three and a half years are you willing to be inconvenienced for your conviction i walk in to wells fargo three and a half years later and i said hi god bless you hi my name is lisa nichols she was oh my god you're the fun of my dream lady i was like yeah i guess i am and all of a sudden all the tellers came running around the manager came they're like oh my god okay oh my god we have been wondering we all got the same question y'all know what the question is right what's your dream i was like um i'm not sure but i know that it includes inspiring people having people believe in themselves again teaching them how to get back up when they've been knocked down having to be willing to give themselves a thousand second chances and every time they get to 9.99 press reset i'm not sure what it's going to look like but it's just going to help people i said i came to check my balance i've been writing a few checks to you guys and saying yes you've been writing a lot i said i just want to check my balances

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