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[Music] once upon a time in a village lived a merchant who used to work very hard he wanted to earn a lot of money so that he and his children would never be short of food one day he called his content and said find out how much money i have and for how long will it be enough for me and my family after a few days accountant came with a calculation and said to merchant sir according to your expenditure done in the present if it stays same and even if there is no income from today on even then your next two generations can eat merchant was shocked he said what then what will happen to my third or fourth generation from where will they get food and from that downward merchant started thinking about them and started worrying too much about his third and fourth generation due to worry slowly and slowly he started getting sick he took many treatments but still there was no relief one day a friend of merchant came to see him and saw that he was not well and seemed very much worried so friend asked him reason for his worry merchant said even after earning so much yet there is nothing for third or fourth generation and i am always worried about how they will feed themselves his friend understood this problem and said a monk has come to our town and he will stay here for few days he is very wise and if you bring him food in the morning then your problem will be solved the very next day merchant reached monk's place with the food monk welcomed him with respect and called his disciples saying that merchant has brought food for us disciple replied but master for today someone has already given us food listening to this monk said to the merchant sorry my friend but someone has already given us food for today so we cannot accept your food our rule is to accept only one meal a day which is given early in the morning we accept it and can't take any anymore i apologize merchant said oh then you keep it for tomorrow then you will not have to worry about tomorrow's meal and also i can bring fresh food for you tomorrow monk said no my friend we do not worry about tomorrow in our present when tomorrow comes then tomorrow's food will also be arranged merchant was surprised to hear the monk's word he asked in surprise sir don't you worry about tomorrow's meal what will you do if you don't get food tomorrow monk smiled and said my friend the god who has given us food today will give us food tomorrow also and who has seen tomorrow who knows whether tomorrow will come or not we only live in the present and don't worry about tomorrow hearing this merchant bowed down to the monk and left for his own throughout the way he kept thinking about what monk said and he was thinking that the monk has no food for tomorrow and still he is not worrying about tomorrow and here i am worrying about my third and fourth generation merchant understood that we should not make our today unhappy by worrying about tomorrow he left all his worries and started living happily [Music] if we see in our lives we will find that often we worry so much about our future that we make our today miserable we always worry about how our future will be what will be our financial condition in the future shall we be able to fulfill our responsibilities or not what will happen to our children what will be the future of our children and worrying about the future we forget that every moment we spend worrying about tomorrow is a moment we lose from enjoying today just look at the sparrows they do not know what they will do in the next moment what they will get to eat in the next moment and still they managed to live a happy life let us literally live from moment to moment if you want to live a happy life then always believe that your tomorrow is going to be very bright and prosperous therefore stop worrying about tomorrow because worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles but it takes away today's peace [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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