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It happened [Music] That once upon a time Gautam Buddha was traveling with special joy Every time you want to reach Next time set day fast as possible but looted arm hole in the world wide web skin the forest for the way they will not be Able to reach for working in the field of what is the meaning of the richest 250 Miles of Smiles Anand should not understand what is going to be passed on Kardiya Mota and now no woman is collecting hai Nanda Khar Pfizer Town Documents is not more than 2 – You Are Just About To Reach Their Own Lives Cold Not Think What Is This Is Not The Third Man In The Same Question Again And Third Man Looked At Each Other And Anand Started Drop Back And Says Im Not Giving So Much Love Scene Shoot Me Two Three Times Will Not At All Not Able To Move Stations Point Question Arises In Mind Living With Jhaal For Two Years Easily To Live With Secretary And Skin Ansh Bhi Question Is Not Design Ise And Mishry I Don't Care Love You [Music] All The Best Tools You Haven't Been Left With A Woman Went To The Town Was Just Two Hours With This Person [Music] Transferring You People Don't Know You Please Like This Oh My Dear Friend Won't Because Or Profession Is The Same Velvet Dayal 1680 Student Belongs to the same time Fashion's people and courage The time is just a little more Life is having been telling people are just a little mother You are just to reach and finally Bigg Boss * This people because I know this village has visited this Will be know it is not mind it is my favorite song ho aur fairy tales you that I will not go into what was the friend people otherwise anand very compassionate people just trying to give motivated the people like you will reach your destination kar do hai isi Occasion Special That Living But We Need To Keep Increasing At All Times In Life Will Stop At A Person Who Has Been In Fact About It Is Not Believe In Him Whenever Someone Give Life Just A Little Bit Long And Reach You Believe In You Must Like This Page That Our Life Will Welcome Easier And We All Will Be Able To Achieve Our Goal Is This Is Bar System Stories Thanks For Watching And Keep Smiling [Music]

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