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You will never be greedy after this | Four lamp story | Motivational story | Buddhist story |

It happened [Music] That once in a city with a person who was very wealthy party Despite having immense wealth in her desire to get more money one day His Service Before Leaving For Giving All Times Giving All Problems Mom Told Him Son Whenever You Need Money Life Islam And Keeping It Walking Destruction In The Text In Which Did At Places And You Will Get Meaning Of That Give Money Light Setting Lamp And Holding It Walking Distraction Oil-Gas 600 You Will Get Immense Wealth Bird In The Current Events Can You Need Of Money Not Felt Torch Light The Lamp And Work In South Direction And Dignitaries Were Attacked In Which You Will Get Money In And You Will Be Left With Only One Lamp And One Direction But Don't Like It Developer And No Introduction Singh This Is The Most Left S Soon S Damon Left The Liter Per First Name And Work Towards East Lamp Activist In Forest When Is The Gift Report Which Was Filled With Silver And Gold Ornaments Singh This is the man got very happy and thought of using father AMS-2 Sohail Top 10 setting lamp witch act in vishal patel only place very few days chest full of gold coins that after 10 is great increase river and delete you three to which in which Under a tree very fast a pot filled with diamonds and pearls even after getting all this is the main want to get more money so i thought about using for pm to which mock test for widening to use badland agreed to create a plus b more will be Done At Mode Smartphone P To Go There Because He Wants To Keep That Money For Himself So He Decided To Lift Up The Phone Slam To Be Lit Flame Started Walking Tour And While Walking Only Relationships Solid Please Weight Lose Activist Started India Pizza Bread Or Underground When You open the door Falters Going under ground gives very excited and expecting her Corruption Bigdeed Confirmation Invenience Tears That is Penance with Prayer Rooms The Greedy Person Enter Palace Start Looking for Money When You Want to First Room for Diamonds and Use This is Result 10th Open Another Room Irfan Gold And Ornaments After Going For The Heart Sound Floor Mill Running Event Interaction Of Descent And Open The Door Of Bedroom Hasa Enrollment Branding Ignore Mill Main Ashtami Hai You Are You And How Did You Get Hair Document Send Friend Dishes Dismil Oil I Want to Take Back Investing I'll Tell You All the Best Story How and Why Don't You All the Way You Thought That the Government Has Been That Information About More Money Hidden in This Palace 100 Exit Settlement Please Start Until the Old Men Stood Up and Started Laughing Loudly Singh Is The Man Was Surprised And Rest Were Laughing Like This And Sayings About To Stop Running Mil Juice Don Dawood Lancet Don't Stop That Bismil Running From In These Palace Years And This Male As Well You Have To Keep In English Mil All The Time Because Ons Me Stops His Palace Absolutely Apps A Good By Being Buried Under It Taking Delivery Of Development For Just That You've Riched This Plus Don't Off But By Lighting The Last Lamp Stand I'm Running Bismil Hair Want Commissioner And Spain Training Dismil 137 Dawood Man Bad About To Leave The Greedy Man Shot At Her Friend Before Leaving For At Least Tell Me How Can I Get Rid Of This Will Develop And Smiled And Replied Other Content Like You Weak And Start Earning Bismil You Will Not Be Able To Get Rid Of This Mail To and this palace and from day one greedy man what training get in cutting himself while waiting for someone to come and replace him do the effigy in our life you will find that open land of I have done some things in your life because of the best of Everything even better and human nature which state will always want better and better but some times in the desire to get something better were deprived of one and to you already have a land of good things in our life which cold have given no satisfaction and was Happy with this greed is bottom left with Snow White and when a person for whom it is just keep falling but in the pure Try to thing something better in our life but in the greed of getting something better mature that we are not deprived of what you Already Have There Dues Very Important To Be Satisfied In Live Vikas Green Day Has No Limits Is This Is Words Of Wisdom Inspirational Stories Thanks For Watching And Keep Smiling Kar Do MP3 [Music]

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