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[Music] this is a must-watch story for all those people who don't know their value and settle for far less than they deserve once upon a time a dying father called his son to his bedside and gave him an old pocket watch the father said your grandfather gave this was to me it is more than 200 years old but before i give it to you i want you to go to the watch shop and tell the owner that you want to sell it ask him what price he would pay for it the son went to the watch shop and then returned to his father's bedside he said the watchmaker said he would pay five dollars for the watch because it is old and successful the father then said to the sun go to the coffee shop and ask the owner if he would be interested in buying the pocket watch and what he would be willing to pay for it the son ran to the coffee shop and quickly turned he told his father father the coffee shop owner said he did not have much use for an old pocket watch but still he offered ten dollars for it finally the father told the sun go to the museum and show them the watch just ask them what price they would pay for it the sun left for the museum and returned with a look of astonishment on his face he whispered father the curator of the museum offered me one hundred thousand dollars for this pocket watch they wanted to include this rare piece in their precious antique collection at any cost they are willing to pay even more the father ladies at bed closed his eyes and said son i wanted you to experience for yourself that the right place and the right people will always value your value in the right way never put yourself in the wrong place with the wrong people and then get angry when you don't feel valued don't stay in a place or with people that don't value you or you don't feel appreciated if you don't know your value you will always settle for far less than you deserve know your worth and you set your own price [Music] if we see in the world around us we will find that the people who don't know their value settle for far less than they are worth in relationships profession or their job they know that they are worth more but they settle for someone else's definition of their worth you have to know your worth most people will allow just anyone to influence their perception of themselves but people who love their life refuse to accept the opinions of others they refused to be defined by anyone they know that their value is set by themselves not someone else's opinion of what they are worth therefore don't let them put a price on you you set your wrong price you must build your self-worth by the work you do every day the future is not in hands of your destiny but destiny is in your hands the time for change is now know your worth and never ever settle for anything less [Music] this is words of wisdom inspirational stories thanks for watching and always keep smiling [Music] you

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