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[Music] once there was a very rich man in a town he was one of the richest persons of his town but suddenly there was a loss in his business and all his wealth was lost he became very poor and did not even have money to eat food in such a situation he thought that there was no future before him accept darkness and he started thinking of killing himself one dark night he went out off his own quietly and went on a high cliff to commit suicide by jumping into river from the cliff but just as he was about to jump off the cliff two old yet strong hands stopped him just then lightning flashed and he saw that an old monk was holding him old monk asked him the reason for committing suicide rich man told him everything after hearing the whole story monk started laughing and asked so you accept that you were happy before man replied yes sir my fortune was shining with full light but now my all wealth is lost now there is nothing left in my life except darkness and poverty all monk smiled and said my dear friend after day there is a night and after night there is a day when the day does not last then how will the night last nothing lasts forever change is a law of nature if good days did not stay forever then bad days will not stay forever either one who knows this truth he will not be happy in happiness or sad in sorrow his life becomes like an unshakable rock which remains the same in rain and sun therefore don't lose your heart and try again from a new beginning the time of sorrow will definitely end listening to these words from the monk the man bore down to him and went back to his home he took some loan from the market with his goodwill and started his business again and very soon he again became rich and reached the status where he was earlier if we see in our lives then we will see that there are times in our life when we lose courage and we see darkness everywhere and then we get frustrated and make some wrong decisions like suicide but we should not forget that time never stays the same after day comes night and after night comes day if good days don't last forever then bad days won't last forever either change is the eternal of nature therefore whenever you get disappointed in your life then never lose hope and never give up on life because in life everything comes and go time changes nothing stays forever [Music] you

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