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foreign [Music] an old man lived in a village the whole village was tired of him he was always glooming and would always keep complaining about something or the other he was always in a bad mood whenever anyone talked to him he would talk very angry and speak bitter words no one liked him the longer he lived the more he was becoming angry and irritated and more poisonous were his words people did their best to avoid him because his Misfortune was contagious he created the feeling of unhappiness in others but one day when he turned 80 an incredible thing happened instantly everyone started hearing the rumor that the old man is happy now he does not complain about anything he spies now and even his face is freshened up now he does not have negative feeling around him the whole village gathered around the man and asked him what happened to you how have you become so happy the old man replied nothing special 80 years I have been chasing happiness but I could not find it and then I decided to live without happiness and just enjoy life as soon as I decided to stop chasing happiness suddenly I have started feeling happy and that's why I am happy now if we see in our lives then we will find that we keep searching for happiness all of our lives but the more we try to chase happiness the more it goes away from us from morning till evening all of our efforts are made to find happiness the purpose of over every work every effort is only one to find happiness although we do get some Happy moments in our life but they do not last long because in reality the happiness we are trying to find is not outside but it is within us whenever a happy event happens outside we feel happy whenever something happens in our favor or we get something we wanted we feel happiness within ourselves we have tied our inner happiness to external circumstances external events and external things but the truth is that no external thing or event can give you happiness because happiness is within you happiness is your true nature the day you stop dying happiness with external things events and circumstances and try to find happiness within yourself you will find that the ocean of Happiness was waving inside you you were in vain trying to find it outside and burns you find happiness within you you will find it everywhere [Music]

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