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You understood karma completely WRONG! | Sadhguru

Namaskaram Sadhguru Many people say that thoughts create karma. And sometimes our biggest fears keep on recurring in our minds on a daily basis. So how do we stop that flow of thoughts? And how do we stop those fears from materializing? And also, how to cut down on unwanted karma. Well, see, this whole karma business has been very misunderstood and been projected as a fatalistic process. Karma means this karma means action, literally translates as action as you sit here. There is physical activity going on. There is mental activity going on. There's emotional activity going on. There's energy activity going on. These four dimensions of karma are happening within you every moment of your life, both in wakefulness and in sleep. It's happening. Now, if I ask you a question since Tuesday, morning to this moment, how much of these four dimensions of karma are you conducting consciously? How much do you think? Well below 1%, believe me.

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