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you surprised me I instructed you to be strong but you exerted yourself and chose to fight with all that you possess you have gone above and beyond what I asked of you you are an Exemplar of loyalty and Fidelity I observe with joy that all the seeds I have sown in you which sprouted and grew have borne such beautiful fruits that is why better and brighter times are approaching you are advancing beyond your Des desires and dreams and you will not cease until you conquer that land where blessings and happiness abound I understand that at times you perceive things differently your emotions falter when you begin to feel envy and rejection from people even those who profess to love you instead of recognizing your goodness they persist in seeking ways to make you feel miserable they delve into the past dredging up memories to wound wound and shatter your spirit but as you listen to me today make this decision just as you have demonstrated your faith and strength in the midst of pain also adopt an attitude of Victory do not allow anyone to destroy your efforts to do right do not grant them the opportunity to dictate your emotions place your trust solely in my word and be guided by the promises it holds for you know that you belong to me I will envelop you in my love I will personally confront any enemy who dares to challenge you they may attempt to sneak into your mind sowing confusion and mocking your faith discard those thoughts that are eay when problems surround you when conflicts converge when weariness sets in and when you are burdened with numerous decisions when your spirit is weary come and rest rest assured that that in my presence you will find comfort and hope the sum of your troubles will not diminish the protection of my love understand this I did not send these situations your way I assure you that from where you are you will emerge with my mighty hand to rescue you I have never wanted you to suffer Beyond Your Capacity I would never send you a trial you cannot endure you will emerge from this situation and I will remove the heavy burdens from your shoulders it is not my will for you to live in solitude and sorrow your future is so magnificent that your enemies seek ways to steal your blessings however in this battle you have the choice and your faith is a sword that can conquer the obstacles in your path you will falter if you open the door to negative thoughts and emotions sent by your enemies but you will try Triumph if my Holy Spirit holds the foremost place in your life and heart I have fulfilled my part I have granted you salvation I have prepared an inheritance of Victory and blessings for you now you must stand firm as you have done I come to tell you just in time that you are on the brink of reaching a spiritual level where Miracles occur in your daily walk do not regress you have gained much ground do not squander the tears you have shed the sacrifices you have made and the trials you have endured it does not matter whether your family appreciates your efforts or not focus on the goal your faith and determination are stronger than steel exert yourself and be courageous many have abandoned their purpose and regret their situation but you have a different future my present surrounds you my spirit Reigns in your home the windows of heaven will open bringing blessings and joy to your household repentant Hearts will return those who had departed it will be a time of forgiveness and Harmony do not fear for I am with you do not be distressed for I am your God I will strengthen you I will help you I will uphold you with my Victorious right hand I have have showered you with blessings in Heavenly places so that my glory May manifest in your family this Grace will reach your friends relatives and neighbors you will be the instrument that brings healing to many people you know but this marvelous work begins here thus I instruct you to come each morning to listen remember all the Miracles I have already performed in you and how this word has become a reality in those impossible situations that once made you falter I have supported you thus far do not turn back do not lose what you have gained from now on great blessings are coming I ask you to bring your concerns prayers and vigilance to me first do not let anger steal your longed for happiness do not utter words that can hurt others do not compare them to anyone else else do not wound their souls it is true that there are rules and Commandments that must be followed in your home but do not raise your voice never insult anyone before imposing discipline in your family first calm yourself take a few moments and request that I take your hand and breathe divine inspiration into your spirit I shall guide you to lovingly counsel those you cherish I shall be with you from dawn until dusk even as you Slumber I shall sit beside you speaking to you of my word so that you may dream of The Magnificent plans I have for you you shall rise with joy and great fortitude equipped to Traverse all challenges with composure and serenity I shall not permit you to face a burden too heavy to Bear if at this moment you feel you can bear no more believe me when I say that you can continue forward Victory is already yours I have won it for you simply stand and March without tears or complaints for just a few more steps and you shall discover the reward for your perseverance the recompense for your loyalty and the fruit of your labor this is my way of demonstrating my appreciation for your faithfulness and your commitment to fight to the end with your head held high full of determination and dignity I imbue you with such strength that you shall treade upon serpants and deceitful demons overcoming all manner of evil forces and no one shall harm you ever this is how I wish to see you brimming with confidence indomitable Spirit and the certainty that all beautiful things you anticipate will soon come to fruition this is your faith the spark of trust that you bestow upon me each time you open your eyes at dawn you greatly please me and my way of rewarding you is to reveal countless wonders in your life I love you and even in moments of Silence when I contemplate the Magnificent future that lies before you I am with you do not fear the processes do not shy away from trials in my Holy Name take them on and confront your problems headon tell me that you will that you shall not allow your emotions to dominate you or be bound by any illness I heal you I care for you I provide for you and I sustain you I give you what you need multiplying the fruit of your efforts bestowing faith and steadfastness upon your thoughts most importantly I instill in your soul today this unshakable conviction the unwavering knowledge that my love for you is profound and even if you stumble and make mistakes I shall continue loving you forever assisting you in all ways this is your daily life a path filled with delightful surprises numerous opportunities and processes le

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