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You Misunderstood The Devotion Completely Sadhguru

When we talk about devotion being the way people think, devotion means going to the temple, going to a church or a mosque. People think devotion means religion. No, no, no. Devotion means you're organizing your emotion in such a way that it works for you. Absolutely. Because it is only in moments of emotion have you touched the sweetest part of who you are. Isn't it so? Have you intellectually touched that? Very few in the world, believe me. Very few in the world. Intellectually. Touch your sweet spot Most of you have touched the sweet spot of your life. Only in emotion, isn't it? Well, it might not have lasted. That's another problem. You are not able to manage the situation the way you want because your subjectivity is enslaved to the objectivity of the world. And I want you to understand, nobody in this world ever manages that objective world. Absolutely. We can manage it to some extent. So devotion means organizing your subjectivity. In such a way. The emotional dimension of who you are is always for you, never against you.

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