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my beloved child what a heartfelt message awaits you my words are here to soothe your spirit to infuse peace into your being open your heart lend me your attentive ears and the observant eyes of your soul present to me your willing spirit for today I come bearing words of Mighty Miracles and wondrous dreams poised to unfold tune your ears to this prophetic utterance that reaches out to you affirming with assurance that your days of hardship are nearing their end I Proclaim to you that the final days are upon us signaling a spiritual battle between the forces of light and the Shadows Of Darkness your foes may try to overwhelm you with Despair and introduce chaos into your life yet fear not for I have dispatched Legions of angels to surround you safeguarding your every step beloved child I have called upon you to be Valiant and steadfast to embrace courage without succumbing to fear or fatigue let my teachings guide you from dawn until you Retreat weary from your endeavors yet boyed by a spirit of Valor for you have bravely championed the cause of your loved ones and adhered Faithfully to the path I have set before you when night falls and you rest remember the struggle doesn't cease with Slumber therefore devote a moment to prayer before sleep claims you your time is a precious gift to me more valuable than you might comprehend each word you utter in prayer fortifies you do not hesitate to declare my promises and Commandments with conviction Proclaim them let your voice resonate in your Abode and stand firm in your faith should others scorn born or deem you naive view them with compassion for they forego immense blessings repeat these words with conviction the Lord is my shepherd I lack nothing say it once more this time with even greater force infused with belief and zest these aren't mere lines to be overlooked they are sacred utterances voicing them Kindles a blaze within you to dispelling uncertainties Melancholy Despair and the Sinister Ties cast by foes through deceit and falsehoods I yearn to hear your bold Proclamation my God is my Fortress and Sanctuary Whom Shall I dread the lord's name is a Bastion of strength to him I will cry out for Aid and he will Elevate me in his Embrace he will soothe my spirit beneath his shelter I shall find Refuge now halt for a moment you who receive these words revisit them and heed my voice a new shut your eyes relish every syllable feel my presence shattering the shackles of wrongdoings and ailments extend your hand rise and step forward embrace the extraordinary realm I've often described to you herein your future is forged and your blessing is contended for it behooves you to remain steadfast in your belief and immerse more deeply in my teachings for you are on the brink of witnessing and comprehending wonders beyond your Ken or imagination you will truly grasp the magnitude of this Divine love that surrounds you your heart will leap for Joy when you hear my words at the dawn of a new day you will be aware and receptive to this guiding voice you will heed my advice and let yourself be led take my hand and allow me to take you to that place where I will prosper you I am your tender father yearning deeply for you to live in peace to utterly shatter and obliterate the curse that tormented your forebears binding them with deadly worries irrational fears unwarranted envy and turmoil of the Mind here in this moment in my sacred name and through the virtue of my sanctifying blood I dissolve the bonds of every and ancestral curse I expel from your being every hex sorcery charm and deception that has brought Affliction to your lineage you are liberated for eternity I have purified your heart from all malignant sway now I beseech you to welcome me to fill that space the adversary is vanquished yet your soul must not stay vacant and isolated unlock the door allow my entry my desire is to inhabit your life perpetually Accord me the utmost honor devote to me your love and Pledge Your fty this day Heralds a fresh chapter for you others will take note my love for you is profound and this shall become evident to the world those in your circle will perceive a newfound glow upon your Visage they will LOD your joy trust in my promise I am the almighty your God and Redeemer today I've shared sh a message with you Penn by my Holy Spirit speaking straight to your soul embrace it and express your gratitude engage in prayer with belief anticipate with delight the remarkable wonders you're about to witness ask yourself who cherishes you the answer is clear and your affection for me is evident lend me your ear for a brief interlude before you proceed on your journey my affection for you is vast and witnessing your benevolent Deeds your dedication to your family and the value you place on our bond fills me with happiness I trust in you confident that you will apply the talents I've granted you with wisdom you are not one to Harbor negativity or to resist or stray when I illuminate your way many wander this world seeking joy and success far from My Embrace oblivious to the pressing need for their house holds their offspring their little ones to recognize me and tread the correct path yet you are distinct my teachings echo in your Abode you've accorded me the reverence I Merit hence you should always feel assured that your dwelling is shielded by Celestial Guardians concentrate on what's truly essential for your family unity and affection the treasures that never wne in your profession and all your Pursuits act with integrity and conscientiousness refrain from uttering destructive words as they wound the spirit and strike with ruthlessness you are imbued with forgiveness and my spirit animates you daily as surely as Dawn follows night your feelings will find their rightful place each unfolding naturally your days will be adorned with bravery calm C eagerness delight and serenity this is no mere Miracle it is the blessing that flows from my sovereignty to those Souls who earnestly seek me I am not concealed or elusive some say they look for me but see nothing their sight obscured yet when the veil from their eyes is lifted they perceive I have been ever present here I stand sense my joy in you now Your Existence brings me contentment you have gladdened my heart I Harbor no grievances against you do not linger on your faults or shortcomings should your detractors reappear know it is their envy that gnaws at them you remain robust and vibrant many blessings and opportunities to help and serve your family and others await never cease to trust in me say it aloud accept my blessing I speak to your Champion's heart today do not give up do not falter do not despair do not entertain doubt or fear I your protector your Shield your strength your friend your father your God I repeat I am your God you will receive the blessings destined only for the brave rise up for today is the day of your Liberation you have spent too long in sorrow sorrow your strength waning but

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