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Will people follow Jesus in today’s world? | Sadhguru English

[Music] in united states of america there is a segment of people who believe that next time when jesus comes he will come in united states generally it's believed he will come in mount olive in jerusalem but now u.s people are saying why will he go to israel that's not a good place to go he will come in united states so they asked me a question like this in a large gathering said guru what do you think jesus will come in united states or in jerusalem i said see last time he came in jerusalem and he said come follow me only 12 people [Music] today you're celebrating him as a great being but only 12 people followed him in that one of them freaked on him all right but if he comes to united states today if he says come follow me you have a bank loan student loan car loan house loan holiday home loan you are mortgage for 45 years if jesus says come follow me nobody will be there because everybody has to go to the bank so you have entangled yourself in such a way even if the most significant things happen you can't change the direction of your life if the greatest things came your way you cannot change the direction of your life this is a slave's life isn't it what is slavery he cannot choose that is slavery now you are making that kind of arrangements in your life you cannot choose you are stuck in your own arrangements a spider whips a web for other things to be caught but if you are that kind of a spider you build a web in which you are caught you are a stupid spider isn't it and most human beings are in that condition [Applause] if something significant happens here you are going this way if something really significant happen this way you can go this way your arrangements will not trap you this is an intelligent life if you are smart enough you will make arrangements that support you not arrangement that entangle you isn't it [Music]

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