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Will I̶n̶d̶i̶a̶ Be Re-named As Bharat? | G20 | PM Modi | BJP | Congress | British | Sadhguru

they are going to be renate there's a lot of Buzz around this question many believe India could soon become Bharat why all of a sudden resolution is likely to be brought in in the special session and India is likely to be named Bharat ever since the story broke out a lot of reactions in fact coming in those who are in favor of India May uh say India favor of bhagat [Music] it's an English name this is the technology of dominance you must see this when they imported slaves from Africa the first thing they did in the port was to change their name to call you cuckoo no no pupo something like this if I call you padmanaban first thing is to give a meaningless name a name which has no cultural background a name which has no significance a name which does not instill pride in you that kind of a name I will give you because this is the technology of dominance in this country maybe two three maybe five percent of the people speak English language but the nation is named in English it doesn't mean anything to someone who doesn't speak English language India Bharat has a power to it because there are two aspects to this when we attach something there is a Psalm meaning is just psychological you making up the meaning isn't it meaning is secondary the significance is in the sound utter Bharat and see what reverberation it has in you you say India and see what Revelation it has in you this was done with a very close observation a deep understanding of the science of sound every sound has a form attached to it so what kind of sounds have the maximum impact on the human system this we call them as mantras Bharat is a mantra is powerful [Music] was born in 1947 no the other cultures everywhere in the world experience this as one nation for thousands of years even though there were many political entities many times over 100 entities in spite of that people saw it as bharats because they saw these unique people who did not believe in anything particular who had no moral sense but they were perfectly on the track because they were not a bundle of morality but an effortless in humanity this has to be brought back into India because when you are a Seeker you are not in collision with anybody this is the oldest Nation on the planet it defies what people think is a nation today the modern nations are made people are making Nations based on language religion race ethnicity maybe a little bit of ideology one or two essentially it is the sameness of people which makes a nation but we as we have known this nation for over eight ten thousand years is bharatvas we have never defiled ourselves with sameness if you drive 50 kilometers people look different wear differently eat differently speak different languages everything is different so what makes this one nation when the Europeans came here they they went about saying this country that we have heard about it doesn't exist because there's nothing binding this how can they say this is a nation but for over eight ten thousand years [Music] within this subcontinent and also in the remaining part of the known world of those days everywhere people refer to this as one nation though at some points we were over 2 200 political entities yes so what is it that makes this nation this is something the leadership with this country and the people of this country must really look at this is not a religious identity this is a geographical and cultural identity but what kept us together for so long no Nation on the planet has stayed together for so long it is essentially if you look at it we have always been a land of seekers versus people be events when we look for sameness we try to become land of believers people believe in one thing so they come together always a land of seekers secrets of Truth and Liberation in so this this was built on that fundamentally you cannot even say it's built at the same time it has been managed on that fundamental that your Seekers if we do not transform ourselves towards sameness we will always be one if you try to transform yourself towards belief and sameness we will not be one foreign because your whole experience of life is sensory right now what you see what you hear what you smell what you taste what you touch or different types of Sensations so sensation is the basis of your experience right now this is the fundamental of your experience sensation out of which comes emotion right means Raga or the tune the tune is not yours the existence is already set the tune you cannot set the tune now you have to just find the Rhythm which is the tala if you find the right Rhythm you are a fantastic human being if you miss the rhythm you're crushed by the process of life so we call this nation bharata and the first or not necessarily the first one of the great Kings of the past was bharata people say the country is named after him now he's named after the country there are so many bharats and bharatis in this country their country is not named after them they are named after destinationhood did we make a mistake then in converting our name from Bharat through India a serious mistake

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