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Why Sadhguru is Angry on Hijab Controversy?

This is about. there is a woman was killed in Iran because she did not wear a head scarf properly. That is a little bit of her blond or jet black head was showing. Whichever one it was. So they picked that up and I don't know. They may be, but beaten to death. She died and protests are going on everywhere. So then I tweeted, I said, let not the religious and the lecherous decide how a woman should dress. Let her of this time call for one set of people. One set of people are seeing how every millimeter of her body should be covered. Another set of people are looking at how they can reduce their clothes to millimeters Both are happening, unfortunately, This is all you know. Different interest groups. Different interest groups. Why can't a woman have enough sense to decide by themselves what is appropriate for them, how they should dress? Hello.

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