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WHEN YOU DON’T FIND SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM | Buddhist story | Inspirational story |

[Music] once in a village lived a rich man who had everything but still would get upset about small things that would make him uncomfortable he loved gardening very much and had planted all kinds of flower in his garden as spring came middust of all beautiful flowers he saw that some wildflowers were also grown in his garden seeing those wildflowers he god said he did not want them in his garden he uprooted those wildflowers and threw them away but after few days those wildflowers grew again rich men thought why not use medicine on them he called an expert expert told him that if medicine is used in garden it would wipe out wildflowers but also fact flowers he had planted one day the rich man was sitting sadly in his garden just then a monk passed by his house the monk stood outside the rich man's house and asked for arms from him the rich man invited the monk to his garden with great hospitality and gave him food to it after receiving the arms the monk asked the rich man the reason for his sadness the rich man pointed to the wild flowers grown in his garden and told the monk the reason for his sadness monk smiled and said my dear friend you did not wish for these wildflowers but now they have become a part of your garden you can be happy only by accepting this as it is if you love flowers then you have to accept thorns too rich man understood what the monk said and after that day he was never again bothered by those wildflowers grown in his garden [Music] if we see in our lives then we will find that where there are flowers there must be thorns too where there is happiness there is also sorrow along with good things bad things are also included in the essential rule of life where many things are good but some unwanted problems and troubles also rise in life both are part of life and both are incomplete without each other because if there is no sorrow in life then how will one feel happiness yes we must make efforts to get rid of our sorrow but if even after taking many measures there is no solution to sorrow then it should be accepted as an important part of life and this is the best way to live happily [Music] you

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