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When It Happens Those Who Didn’t Listen To God WILL HAVE INSTANT REGRET!

have you ever sprayed a water bottle next time you do look at the water that comes out it's a mist it's here one second gone the next the truth is that our lives are the same way we're here one second then gone the next since life is so short we need to submit to and obey the words of Christ The Book of Ecclesiastes has much to say about the brevity of life Ecclesiastes 1 verse 2 says vanity of vanities says the preacher vanity of vanities all is Vanity this word for vanity is the Hebrew word habel habal can be translated as vanity or transitory one minute we're here then the next we're gone many scholars believe that the author of the book of Ecclesiastes is a king named Solomon if there was ever a person who had it all it was Solomon now Ecclesiastes 2 verse 1 in the Amplified translation says I said to myself come now I will test you with pleasure and gratification so enjoy yourself and have a good time but behold this too was vanity futility meaninglessness at the time Solomon was known as the wisest man on Earth people would travel from great distances just to see him when it came to wealth he far surpassed anyone at the time he was as wealthy as Bill Gates is now when it came to sexual pleasure he had far more than any man could handle he had 700 wives and 300 concubines he had every Earthly desire a person could want yet at the end of his life he realized that it all mattered not he was going to die and leave all that he had accumulated the same is true for us today when we get to the end of our life it will not matter how great of a position we had at work how much money we have or how lovely our house is almost everything we own will end up in a garage sale or a trash dump what will matter is if we listen and submit to The Words of Christ Solomon tried the same thing Ecclesiastes 2 4-6 says I made great works I built houses and planted Vineyards for myself I made myself Gardens and parks and planted in them all kinds of fruit trees I made myself pools from which to water the forest of growing trees Solomon had many more resources than you and I however his houses Vineyards Gardens and parks are no longer standing the wealthy had he lost the day he died and eventually all that we have will not be left standing maybe we pivot by saying that we'll leave a legacy instead of accumulating wealth there is some goodness in leaving a legacy however that Legacy will die as well do you know who your great great grandparents are probably not and that was not very long ago your great great grandkids will probably not know you even if you become famous people may remember your name but they do not truly know who you are many think they can live the life they want now and submit to God later you may think you will have more time later however you don't know how much time you actually have left on Earth remember life is a mist it's here one second gone the next due to that we need to live with urgency tomorrow is never promised if you hear Christ knocking on your heart now is the time to listen [Music] the promise in the Bible is actually not for tomorrow but today in the middle of The Sermon on the Mount Jesus says in Matthew chapter 6 verse 34. therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow for tomorrow we'll be anxious for itself sufficient for the day is its own trouble Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow we're not even guaranteed we will see tomorrow instead focus on your relationship with God today you have a chance to repent and turn to God at this very moment you may say to yourself I will turn from my sin later when I get a little older or more financially secure God is calling you to repent now once a family was sitting outside on their porch watching a storm come rolling in the rain was heavy and the wind even heavier suddenly they heard the tornado sirens go off four out of the five family members ran to the basement to hide the father decided to keep watching the storm his family yelled for him to come down to the basement for protection he said he would but he wanted to wait a while longer until the storm got a little more dangerous the rest of the family did all they could to get him to the basement but nothing worked eventually funnel cloud dropped down from the sky right on top of their house after the tornado ripped through family in the basement was safe however the father did not survive as the tornado threw him a thousand feet through the air many of us are like this father we're waiting for just the right time to repent maybe we have some sort of sexual sin we want to hold on to we may have a sinful habit that we don't want to let go or maybe we're in a relationship we know we should not be we're waiting for just the right moment to repent you may be waiting just long enough to enjoy your sin as much as possible but not too long so you will not carry it into death truth is we don't know how long we've got life is transitory we're here one second gone the next we have very little control over when that will happen in light of that we need to repent now we need to repent before the storm comes and sweeps us away must come a time when you as a Believer must decide I will stand strong and follow the word of God regardless of what I will have to give up and who I will have to let go of there comes a time when you have to decide I will stand and do The Godly thing I will forgive even when it's hard to do even when I've been hurt there will come a time when you will have to decide to stand in faith even when you can't see a way out of the situation that you're in now today you may be under attack in some area of your life you have tried everything to resolve it but nothing is working nothing is changing dear friend this is the time you ought to take a stand and believe in the power of the blood of Jesus it will break you out of that bondage believe in the power that's in the blood of Jesus Christ it can set you free it can give you Victory and it can loose you from any evil hold it's time to take a stand with the word of God against the forces of evil stand firm stand in confidence stand in righteousness Psalm 56 verse 3 says when I am afraid I put my trust in you and God whose word I praise and God I trust I shall not be afraid what can flesh do to me we need to be men and women who put their trust in the Lord and mind you you will only ever be able to stand firm when your trust is secured in the Lord so if you feel stuck if you feel under attack remember that the Bible says in Psalm 31 verse 24 be strong and Let Your Heart Take courage all you who wait for the Lord be strong Saints and stand in faith as you do this the Lord is sure to rescue you and so as children of God I believe I believe that it's time to stand up and lift High his Royal Banner you are an ambassador of the most high stand up to the lies of the enemy stand up with the truth of the Gospel stand up with the strength of the Holy Spirit stand up in God's strength and I encourage you as you

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