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Whatever you want, you will get after watching this | Short motivational story | @wordsofwisdomstor

It happened that once upon a time the doors charmed you sheet by the banks of the river everyday and forget what ever you want you will get the people fasting almonds considered them to women and did not pay much attention towards One day s usual prices 80 What ever you want You will get A young man was passing by This is the voice of the inventor This picture is best for you And you will get what you want You can give me what I want The most recently and set S It's True Friend What You Want You Can Give You Just Have To Be The First To Tell Me What You Want Me To Which One Is Only One Between That I Want To Become A Very Rich Person I Want To Be A Dictator Of Diamonds And Pearls Singer Residence of the young man the saint share my friend which will definitely be fulfilled all will give you diamond and pearl so you can make admin diamonds and pearls visit after seeing 2010 quotient in the form of the government and set since I am giving you the most Precious Time But In The World People College Time Holy Family In Your First Never Lose But You Can Make S Many Times S You Want From And Wise Man Got Into Them That Your Strength Holding Is That Plant Mom Set Sun Tan This Is The Skin W Principle In The World People Politicians That Whenever You Don't See The Result Even After Giving Time Zone Juice On Depression Always Remember That Dhawan Va Hai On Which Locations Can Achieve Anything In This Point The Person Seriously Consider Toys And Tamang And Want A Great Lesson Date Time And Passions of the Most Precious Gems In this point the young man decided that from today onwards I will never be this time and will always work with patients suffering from the The young man work with diamond merchant only Mehfooz office time boy work with all honesty and Without Work And Patience One Day I Am Certificate Verification Of Diamonds That Is Since Ever Love You Will Find That People School Indore Live But Due To Lack Of Distinctive Judge Name Time And Patients Were Not Able To Achieve This Goal In Life It's Very important qualities of time management and never let the time be difficult for a strong in the novel The Great Return Questions that Yudh can understand the importance of time in our life and make good use of time and key patience even in difficult situations and we can Do What You Want And They Can Get Anything In Your Life Death Row You Should Observe These Two Precious Gems Of Time And Passions And What Ever You Want You Can Get Is This Is Body System Inspirational Stories Thanks For Watching And Keep Smiling At [Music] do it [music]

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