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What Is a Price To Be Successful? – Sadhguru

For everything. There's a price. That's what you're saying. It's like this. Right now, my left foot is here. My right foot is here. If my right foot wants to go here. It has to evacuate that space, isn't it so? No, no. I want to be here also. But I want to put my foot here. Is it possible? No. So now I can if I do it joyfully. I don't think this is a price. If I do it in pain, every step is a price. So it's up to you whether you want to conduct your life willingly or unwillingly. Anything that happens to you willingly feels like heaven. The same thing, if it happens to you unwillingly, feels like hell This is the choice you have. Either you make every breath every bit of your heart a willing process or an unwilling process. If you make it unwilling, everything will be suffering. If you make it willing, everything is fantastic There is no price. life – there's no time to pay a price in this life because life is just a certain arrangement of a time and energy. Energy you can manage. Time is ticking away, Isn't it?

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