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today I call upon you to reflect within your soul as you hear my words and let my message become a part of you trying times are fading and better days lie ahead the challenging moments are nearing their end and you can trust that your heavenly father will always Stand By Your Side life may bring trials challenges and situations that dim the once bright flame of faith in your heart my desire is for your faith to shine with fervor and compassion remember that your spirit motivation and desire to live are gifts from my love it's time to return to the path of Hope nourishing your spirit with my promises and truths even as you walk through dark valleys fear no evil for I will always be with you guiding urging you to overcome obstacles protecting your aspirations and helping you achieve your dreams this world is filled with hardships but trust in me for I have overcome pain I hold the keys to life and I want you to live it with great joy your Victory one after another is my will may your future be filled with success and blessings and may you never face defeat do not forget these words for as you become happier and more blessed Envy may try to witness your downfall it's a law of the supernatural life I am here to uplift those I love but adversaries may arise to hate them because of their happiness and Faith fear not for no harm will befall you as long as you walk in my will it's neither difficult nor impossible I don't demand Perfection from you I understand you are human and you may falter sooner or later I only ask for your heart and that your eyes remain fixed on this sacred word I also desire your loyalty you may seek and love me when things go well but even in times of adversity when things go arai do not stop your journey and prayers keep walking and praying with unwavering Faith you may shed many tears whether it rains or storms but persevere without faltering and I will calm the storms and silence the Seas I will command your conflicts to cease and I will address your problems however I wish to see an unwavering attitude of loving and seeking me always giving me the first place in all you do you will find that this faith will become a sword that conquers evil overcomes your weaknesses and provide spiritual and Supernatural strength to help you conquer Temptations fears problems and any challenges that come your way before leaving your home bow your head for a few minutes dedicate your plans and all your Affairs to me and pray for your family speak words of faith and peace Rejoice for I am your Shepherd and you shall not want you are my sons and daughters my beautiful little sheep I will lead you to Lush pastures and Still Waters there will be no more shouting or confusion in your home and the conflicts that burden your heart will cease I will remove Wicked individuals those who steal love and Destroy peace from your household I will uproot all sin and wrongdoing hiding in the corners seeking to corrupt your faith and happiness I will take away your sorrow and you will see no misery or poverty at your table you will have bread in its due season I will open the windows of heaven and blessings will re upon you more employment education and new growth opportunities I will remove bad habits and vices from your home that threaten your integrity and faith we will walk together and I will hold your hand firmly focus on the good pure and marvelous things I want to bring into your life do not seek out negative friendships and do not return to those who never rise from the ground I am your provider and I can also bring you happiness therefore you do not need to seek acceptance or approval from others just as I do not seek permission from anyone to bless you you should not seek anyone else's approval to love and serve me the answer is clear you can only find pure and indestructible love in me it Comforts and heals you I'm the only one in this universe who died and rose again for you so you may have salvation and eternal happiness happiness ask me now beloved for this love to be granted to you forever the miracle you await will come the matter that troubles you will be resolved your prayer has been heard in my Celestial throne and your answer will arrive soon but when you receive it do not do as others do receiving what they ask for and forgetting who gave it to them I urge you to use these situations that you have suffered to bring wisdom to your heart now that you see everything resolved prepare yourself for a life of gratitude and prayer every day it cost you nothing to open your eyes and simply say thank you God it is not a difficult task I am not asking for your material possessions I do not want your offerings unless they come from your sincere and grateful spirit that is how blessings truly multiply apply in your life when you receive an answer to your prayer however if you forget the God who saved you and believe that you have achieved everything through your own strength then I must warn you that your blessings will gradually wither away like a flower without water water your prayers with praise bring Thanksgiving to my altar value and appreciate everything you receive even if it is something small although I may not give you exactly what you ask for you must understand that I always provide something much better I am your father and Creator I know what is best for your future your family your spiritual life and your heart if you ask me for Prosperity I will cancel your debts be thankful now you are living in Freedom perhaps at this moment you have no money in your accounts but but no one will come to your door to collect if you ask me for abundance I will provide employment and dignified work for everyone in your household do not complain I am providing you with the means and the way to earn your bread do not be afraid I will open doors for you go to the place I send you for there you shall prosper with your dedication and honor I desire to pour Abundant Blessings into your life life because I want you to learn how to manage them combine your grateful heart with the wisdom you have received and you will receive many great and marvelous things I also want peace in your home let the Miracles you witness serve to promote your spiritual growth however do not lose sight of my word do not focus solely on material things above all maintain a sincere attitude of gratitude within you this is the first step toward a supernatural life these are the keys that unlock the door to a time of abundance your devotion worship Thanksgiving faith and your commitment to bless those around you and your desire to receive my word your persistence in prayer your eagerness to be an instrument of my grace to Build a Better World all of these things please me listen once more to the words I've just spoken to you let them be etched into your soul for you will need to remember them when the tongues that seek to discourage you attack you know that I am the one who heals you prospers you and rescues y

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