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[Music] during the 18th century they lived a famous japanese gang master whose name was hopkin once a soldier named nobushige came to him and asked is there really a paradise and a hell who are you inquired happy i am samurai the warrior replied you are a soldier explain how quinn which ruler has kept you as his soldier your face looks like that of a beggar saying this hawkman started laughing nobushuge became so angry that he began to draw his sword but talking continued so you have a sword too but i think your weapon is probably too much dull to cut off my head hawk queen again started laughing now nobushige got furious and drew his sword out to cut hawking's head just then hopkins said here opens the gate of hell look at yourself now how are you getting furious your mind has become disturbed and you are burning in the fire of anger this is the gate of hell hearing these words of the hawk queen nobushiga stopped and started thinking his anger subsided he threw away his sword got down on his knees and bowed to hopkins as a disciple justin hawkins said look you are humble at this time and your mind is also calm now and here opens the gate of paradise for you [Music] if we see in our lives we will find that people often think that hell and heaven are somewhere outside or somewhere above in the sky but in reality hello heaven is not somewhere outside but it is within you whenever there is anger jealousy grudge greed or ego in your mind at that time your mind becomes disturbed and restless and at that time you are standing at the door of hell and when your mind is filled with love humbleness peace and feeling of doing something good for others at that time the gate of heaven opens for you therefore always be careful about the bad emotions arising in your mind and always keep filling your mind with positive emotions because it is your mind that will take you to the door of hell or heaven [Music] you

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