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This Will Bless You Every Night | Blessed and Peaceful Prayers | Fall Asleep In God’s Presence

foreign if you are worried about something the remedy is the word of God if you are fearful about something the antidote is the word of God if you are anxious about anything anything at all The Cure is the word of God all in all as you get to know God's word you get to know God's voice as you get to know God's voice you'll know that fear and worry are not from God Jesus Christ said do not be anxious about your life and I believe he said this because one of the biggest enemies you will ever face will come in the form of worry and anxiety and in life I'm sure we can all agree that there will be things in your control there'll be things that are out of your control that you'll worry about and while it is so easy to fall in a state of worry in one of his teachings Jesus gave us the message that we should not worry about tomorrow [Music] will take care of itself and I believe that the Lord was telling us to be present in the moment be at peace today be joyful today if you spend your time in energy worrying then you will always magnify the lack in your life or the pain in your life but should you instead choose to adopt a new attitude where you do not worry about tomorrow an attitude where you're thanking the lord for today you're thanking God for his goodness even while you're waiting on your Miracle you're thanking God for what he has provided even though there are things you lack when you do this then you magnify Jesus Christ instead of your problem but here's what the Bible says in Matthew 6 verse 25 to 27. therefore I tell you do not be anxious about your life what you will eat or what you will drink nor about your body what you will put on is not life more than food and the body more than clothing look at the birds of the air they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns and yet your heavenly father feeds them are you not of more value than they and which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life I believe that the Lord wants us to stop worrying to stop pondering and wondering about what might happen tomorrow stop spending your effort and your energy by thinking about what could happen tomorrow or even that what should happen you are blessed in this very moment and on this day One Pastor said don't borrow trouble which means don't worry about all of the what ifs we could face someday what if there is a Health crisis a financial setback or even this type of problem don't borrow trouble from the future but instead walk by faith and not by sight so I encourage you today to stay present with the Lord stay present in your mind and in your soul by acknowledging Psalm 118 Verse 24. this is the day that the Lord has made we will rejoice and be glad in it now let us pray Lord Jesus we praise you your word in second Corinthians 12 verse 9 says my grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in weakness therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities that the power of Christ May rest upon me you are with us Lord and we are grateful as your children we are grateful that you are with us and your grace is always available and sufficient for our needs we choose to focus on the Healer instead of the sickness we choose to focus on the provider instead of the lack we choose to focus on the Waymaker instead of the obstacles ahead we choose to focus on you King Jesus because we find favor in you we find protection in you we find Mercy In You we put all focus and attention on you we magnify you above Jesus we magnify you above the Troubles of tomorrow we magnify you and put you above every Health crisis every Financial setback and every problem father God we will not worry about tomorrow because of your word father we sincerely ask that you would open your ears to hear our cry give us a mind filled with peace and during those times in which my heart is heavy I pray that you would make my burdens light whenever the attacks of the enemy are many I pray that you would defend me Lord fight for me and my family fight my battles Lord though the adversary prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour I confess that I will be kept safe by the blood of Jesus Christ God will intervene in my circumstances God will take away the worry and give me peace in my heart may you intervene in my Affairs and show your might David cried in Psalm 35 verse 1 and said plead my cause O Lord with those who strive with me fight against those who fight against me and so today I too will call upon the name of the Lord so that he may plead my cause I will call on the name of the Lord when I need divine intervention I will ask you my Father in heaven to step in just as you did for Daniel for Elijah and even for Elisha we invite you Lord Jesus to move in a mighty way move in a mighty way in our lives Lord clear every trap that the devil has hidden in my path I pray that you would guard my mind against discouraging and depressing thoughts I repeal all thoughts of worry and anxiety about what tomorrow holds about what the future may hold instead I choose to have peace because I will have faith in you Lord and when the enemy throws darts of confusion of depression doubt and even despair trying to weaken my faith or steal my joy I pray Lord Jesus that you will protect my mind with the helmet of salvation even in this present moment if I do struggle to live with the uncertainty of this world and all that is going on I pray that you would help me to keep my mind focused on you I bless your holy name and I thank you for hearing this prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray amen Matthew 5 verse 8 says blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God our reward for a pure heart is a close and fruitful relationship with the Lord it's worth far more than any pleasure we could get from living in sin and impurity the promise of one day seeing God face to face communing with him and enjoying him forever that's what should motivate us to faithful obedience a pure heart is one that Delights in honoring God even if it means denying the desires of the flesh one of the ways we can guard our hearts is by meditating on scripture God's word reminds us of his perfect intentions for our lives in the midst of all the lies this world tries to sell us the truth can become distorted we can begin to lose our way so how do we know what is truly right from truly wrong by the unchanging word of God in today's world there are so many polluting influences our culture glorifies things like violence sexual immorality and lavish living we are surrounded by these things every time we step out into the world and although we can't remove ourselves from them entirely we can guard our hearts so that only what is true what is Honorable and what is pure enters our hearts let us pray Heavenly Father help us to guard our hearts help us to fill our hearts with your word help us to be vigilant against every force of evil and every cunning lie of man help us to be in the world but not of it

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