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my beloved child feel my presence at the threshold of your dwelling at the door of your heart you may deem yourself Unworthy of my entrance yet in your humility and Faith you have drawn my gaze captured my Divine attention it is my fervent desire to cross not only the physical boundary of your home but to step into the inner sanctuary of your soul there in the depths of your being I will inscribe my words of healing with a mere Touch of my hand the chains that have bound you fears doubts and pains shall be shattered freeing you from the shackles of Despair I am here to ease your suffering to dispel the darkness of fear and anxiety my voice powerful and resonant commands not just the Earth but the heavens above it is my deepest longing to see you bask in happiness to feel the warmth of my presence In My Embrace you will come to know the depth of my unending love a shield against all evil this is the Legacy I offer you a gift to cherish throughout your life today I call upon you to place unwavering faith in me to welcome this blessing embrace the strength that I have prepared for you the healing and transformative power of my holy spirit is now yours to claim do not want W any longer in the valley of Despair reject the lie that you are destined to Bear the scars of your past sins you may live in a world of Trials but it is a world I have already triumphed over as a beloved child of the almighty God this promise resounds for you in each step through the trials of this world trust and believe in me for you too will overcome I see your tears often shed in the depths of confusion let me reveal to you the root of this sorrow it is the Deep innate yearning to return to my embrace your heart aches for me your spirit Longs for my presence knowing that without me all efforts are in vain life may seem like it's slipping away and the peace and joy you've been yearning for remain elusive as those dear to you drift further listen closely to my words I'm right beside you offering The Waters from the Fountain of blessing drink from this source and let it wash away your sadness you shall never thirst again for this is my promise to you your faith has born fruit today I have brought you healing by opening your heart's door you've welcomed me in I shall dwell with you blessing and watching over your family the blessings I bring are Beyond beyond your understanding today open every door and window of your life to my holy blessing which brings Solace to your soul and rest to your heart yesterday I purified your home from all impurities I filled each room with the Breath of Life my voice clearing the accumulated dust of your trials you are now cleansed and forgiven Embrace this truth I do not expect Flawless Perfection or immunity to temptation you are my child loved unconditionally yet human the battles will continue but with my guidance if you seek me daily love me wholeheartedly and surrender your life to me I will always be there to support and uplift you even in moments of faltering I understand that you will Heir facing enemies who seek to drag you down and mock you in your moments of weakness yet always look towards me I have sent you into this battle and it is my role to cleanse strengthen and forgive you again you must persevere despite the challenges your adversaries are Relentless and ruthless envious of the victory I bestow upon you they will try to shake your newfound security hear my voice understand my message you love your family and yearn for their success which requires struggle labor and unwavering faith in my promises you will be greatly blessed and your enemies are aware of this they underestimated your strength and never anticipated your turning to me in your weakness and sin therefore I have chosen to forgive uplift and prosper you I am with you daily no one can stand against you humiliate defeat or overpower you and if you fall I will raise you again this this is my unwavering promise you your family and even Those Distant from you will come to know me in a profound and Supernatural way reach out your hand to me and prepare for Triumph into your heart I breathe the Breath of Life bestowing fresh blessings upon you while Others May shiver in fear you stand as a valiant Warrior clad in bravery ready for the battle ahead by day walk under my protection at night as you rest I will whisper divine secrets and guidance to your heart my Revelations will keep you from stumbling on treacherous paths and falling prey to Hidden enemies I will hold your hand shielding you from the wicked lifting you high in my arms to a place of safety and blessing those who trust in me are like eagles soaring high with unwavering focus and certainty aware of my love and Trust in them with courage and confidence they spread their wings piercing through the clouds rising to the supernatural realm they will find renewed strength and an unbreakable Invincible Faith Divine and spiritual on the Mountaintop returning to their nests they are filled with resolve continuing to seek and serve me trusting in the Majestic word that gave them their Mighty Wings a world different from the ordinary a was you if you place your trust in me where others see scarcity you and your family will be sheltered your tables always abundant with nourishment the gifts I bestow upon you I will also multiply I am planting in you and your loved ones a Faith unimpeded by any obstacle go forth to harvest extend your hand with authority and gather the fruits the owner of this Orchard is your heavenly father leave behind fear Fe excuses and pretexts you are no longer bound by mere sight your perception has been heightened should conflict arise seek solace in my word kneel and bow your soul in silence I wait in Stillness and my holy spirit will speak to you offering Solutions answering prayers and clarifying doubts no Army of evil or Iron Wall can intimidate or detain you you will leap over OB stacles with unwavering resolve the Vigor of your youth will return to your limbs you will overcome your adversaries not with physical might but through the powerful anointing of my Holy Spirit your battles are not won by force or outcry seek me in your room in your heart I am there call out to me and I will respond strengthening you with my grace and love you can achieve all things your foes will flee in dread you have prevailed through the beautiful faith that fills your heart I speak now of a thousand new blessings that will come knocking this isn't about luck or strength I bless whom I choose I am not measuring your achievements or comparing you to others I come to converse and bless you out of love unchanging and true While others perform acts to gain my favor lacking genu in faith you possess an honest and sincere belief in my reality you know you can walk through fire unharmed cross Seas of trouble without sinking and calm the storms of confusion these storms will obey you I have given you authority to express my love with kindness to e

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