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[Music] once upon a time four monks were traveling to the countryside it was getting late and the four young monks decided that they should rest there for a night they found a suitable place to spend a night the four monks then decided to settle down and meditate in silence before going to sleep like they used to do every day it was getting dark so they lit the candle and decided that they will meditate by looking at candle and keep silence no one will speak no matter what happens as the night progressed the wind blew and the candle was about to extinguish oh no the candle is about to go out said the first mom we are supposed to meditate in silence only said the second one will you be quiet both of you have also broken your silence said the third mom just then the fourth monk said hahaha i am the only one who did not speak [Music] now if we observe we will find that each monk broke the silence for a different reason the first monk got distracted by one aspect of his experience which was candle and forgot what was more important the second monk was more worried about others following the rules then in actually practicing himself the third monk led his anger towards the first two monk that affect him and the fourth monk lost his way because of pride all the four monks kept paying attention to each other's mistake but they forgot that each one of them is also making a mistake and the fact is that most of the people in the world pay attention to the mistakes of others they criticize others for their mistakes but they do not realize their own mistake such people should remember that when they point a finger at someone else three fingers are pointing toward their own side if we focus on our own mistakes and try to rectify them instead of finding faults of others then we will be saved from many quarrels and troubles therefore never be too quick to judge others because chances are you are not perfect yourself [Music] you

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