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my beloved child I know you've been wondering if I'm really listening to your prayers it might feel like your heartfelt pleas are just Vanishing Into Thin Air going unanswered you've been navigating through stormy seas of Life facing challenge after challenge constantly fighting without a moment to breathe you're tired and feeling a bit lost come closer my beloved child stop chasing and rest with me for a moment listen to what I have to say you're putting too much effort into things that are out of your hands forgetting to let go and let me take over give me all your worries and trust me fully to take care of them pay attention and let the peace I offer sink in I promise to reach out to those you care about protect those you can't be with and comfort those you're missing even if they think they're on their own I'm actually guiding them gently without without their knowledge soon enough you'll see them come back filled with regret as they realize their mistakes they'll understand the hurt they've caused and seek forgiveness and about your money troubles don't worry they're only temporary don't be afraid of what's coming instead focus on seeking me and learning from my words I'm here to keep drawing your attention making sure your hearts stay safe with me you've always been mine and I've always been there for you protecting you from false Temptations keep putting in the effort but don't let your heart or mind be weighed down by worry remember the promises I give you each day I'll handle everything beyond your control your health your life your money your family they're all in my hands trust in me I love you deeply my pre precious one you feel the depth of my love in the comfort of my presence I urge you to recall all the times I've been there for you to stay firm in your belief in My Endless Love My divine plan and my impeccable timing I promise you a life filled with joy peace calm and spiritual strength a life marked by determination fueled by dreams of success and well-being you're going to be blessed in ways you can't even imagine far beyond the fleeting sadness of material Pursuits welcome the fullness of a life rich with spiritual wealth free from the need for approval or societal acceptance I give you spiritual toughness filling your spirit with the strength to face any challenge you've been too caught up in seeking approval from others wanting their praise and fearing in their judgment I say it's time to break that cycle from now on find your peace in me alone keep your faith strong and active dive into my words pray with me morning and night consider this message a love letter from me proof of my never-ending love for you no one else can offer you the selfless support I do I don't ask for your riches or belongings I Delight in your kindness your efforts to help those in need show your devotion your love your obedience and keep that beautiful genuine faith in your heart spread my love to your family today remember I'm always here for you unmovable as a rock close your eyes take in the peace I provide and hand over your worries to me even when you doubt your worth know that my presence is constant motivated purely by love you want to get closer to me but you pause holding back your worries and fears doubt sneaks in and you're left carrying the sting of old hurts listen for my voice Let its sweetness heal your heart hear me as I write these words deep within you I love you you're not bound by anything with gentle arms I hold you close safe in my care you might face trials today but remember this feeling I'll be right there Whispering healing words reminding you of my presence so you won't wander off be misled by your feelings or lose your way I ignite a light within your heart a Guiding Light so that in darkness when fear and despair try to engulf you my brightness will outshine guiding you like the sun lights up the sky Darkness stands no chance against my Everlasting Light any Force trying to bring you down today will vanish before me let me show you the depth of my love listen for me all day when you hear my voice no it's me talking to you I'm pouring sacred oil over you blessing you abundantly I clear your mind of doubts if you fall my forgiveness is here to cleanse and raise you up it's not in my heart to see you crushed by fear overwhelmed by guilt or living in the shadow of past mistakes I'm not here to point fingers or punish as I've always said my purpose is to love you if punishment was my goal you wouldn't be here so think again and embrace the love I've been offering don't turn it away now you're faced with a choice between two paths one of truth and life that leads to a glorious forever and another that pulls you away from me following me won't make life simpler but you'll never be without my help help and support when you need it my holy spirit will be your comfort in sorrow and my words will guide you with wisdom my door is always open day or night come to me with your honest and heartfelt prayers trust me with your family give me your heart and I'll protect them lovingly I'll wrap them in Joy shower them with prosperity and peace and shield them from harm be it from greed betrayal or false companions I'll encircle your home with countless Angels ready to defend you from any danger I am unchanging the same now in the past and forever more just as the Earth spins and the Stars light up the night my presence will constantly surround you be assured I will confront any foe that threatens you fear nothing and no one your family is never abandoned because I am with you from your first breath I've been waiting for this moment to speak directly to you to affirm the blessings on their way to you I've chosen you named you you are mine I'll never let you go even if there Comes a Day you think you're tired of me right there in that moment you'll cry remembering how I've always been there for you reaching out saving you from Peril I brought you peace and led you out of strife when everyone else left I saw you with eyes full of mercy and my love for you is unending my love grows daily through the good and the bad in poverty or wealth in sickness and in health I'm committed to you forever I know you feel my presence strongly now and it will always be so I will never leave you so cast aside any doubts no force in the universe can take away the tenderness peace and immense Joy I hold for you I love you and today I fill your heart with Incredible strength stand tall and strong for victory is within your grasp the battle is tough and the fight demanding but I'm here to back you up don't hesitate to chase your dreams and stand your ground when obstacles arise and adversaries plot against you remain unshakable as a mountain let go of negative thoughts and fears that block your path never let anyone or anything snuff out the dreams I've planted in your heart stick to your plans don't bow to challenges if I've given you dreams it's because I can make them a reality trust

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