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foreign [Music] there lived as an master in a Buddhist monastery near a town one day one of his disciples asked him Master what is the essence of Education zen master smiled and said son one day you will know about it yourself after some days at night the Zen master gave a book to his disciple and said son take this book and keep it on chair in my room it was dark inside the room disciple went to the room with a book but returned immediately trembling with fear zen master asked what happened why are you so scared disciple said sir there is a snake in your room I cannot go inside the room otherwise the snake will bite me zen master calmly said Son it must be an illusion from where will snake come in that room you go again if you still have fear then I give you a mantra enter the room while reciting this mantra if there will be a snake it will run away after listening to this mantra saying that the Zen master gave a mantra to his disciple disciple again went into the room chanting mantra but snake was still there it did not move the disciple came out in fear again and went to janmaster and said Master snake is not going from there now the Zen master gave him a lighted lamp and said take this lamp if there is a snake it will run away seeing light of this lamp disciple who went to the room again with lighter lamp as soon as he entered the room he saw that there was no snake he found that it was just a rope lying on the floor which looked like a snake in dark he mistook that piece of rope as a snake the disciple happily placed the book on the chair and went back to the Zen master and said Master there was no snake it was a piece of rock in dark I mistook it to be a snake zen master smiled and said son this is the answer of your question which you asked me a few days ago just like the solution which you saw today this whole word is entangled in Deep Web of illusions and Only By the Light Of Education and knowledge this web of Illusion can be removed this is the essence of Education if we see in our lives we will find that due to ignorance we create many Illusions and are unable to remove them due to lack of inner lamp in fact suffering is only due to our ignorance just as that disciple was afraid because of his ignorance considering the Rope to be a snake similarly we all are also afraid and sad in our life due to our ignorance then the light of knowledge is lit in your life then you will come to know that in reality sorrow rise only from our religions Illusions can only be removed by lighting the inner lamp of knowledge in your life and the light of inner lamp can only be obtained through continuous self-study and acquisition of knowledge unless the light of the inner lamp is ignited you cannot get rid of the illusion and unless you get rid of Illusion you cannot get rid of sorrow in your life [Music] [Music]

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