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[Music] once upon a time there was a hunter once he went for hunting in the forest but despite his best efforts he could not catch any prey the whole day passed and evening time approached but still he could not find any prayer eventually he gives up and sits under a tree and starts thinking that maybe today he and his family will have to go to bed hungry just then he saw a hawk whose legs were stuck in the branch of the tree and he was trying to get out of there the hunter quickly climbed the tree and caught the hawk after much efforts the hunter thought that i have got nothing today let's eat this hawk and satisfy the hunger of myself and my family tonight when the hunter was taking the hawk to his home on the way the hawk said to the hunter why are you taking me the hunter said i am going to kill you and satisfy hunger of myself and my family hearing this the hawk got scared but he did not let it show to the hunter he thought that now my death is certain he remained silent for some time and then said after thinking look i have lived the life i wanted to live and now i am sure to die but i have one last wish before i die the hunter said if you want to ask for anything other than freedom then ask me i will fulfill your last wish the hawk said before i die i want to give you two life lessons listen carefully and remember it always the hunter thought that i don't have to give him anything instead he is giving life lessons so he started listening to him while walking the hawk said the first lesson is that do not believe anyone's word without proof and without thinking and the second lesson is that if something bad happens to you or if you lose something then never feel sad for it the hunter listened to the hawk and ignored it and kept on walking on his way after some time the hawk said to the hunter friend tell me one thing if i give you something that will make you reach overnight will you set me free the hunter immediately stopped and said what is that thing tell me tell me quickly the hawk said in fact long time ago i had found a diamond near the palace which i had picked up and kept in my nest if i die today that diamond will go to waste so i thought that if i give that diamond to you and you leave me in return then my life will also be saved and your poverty will also be raised forever on hearing this the hunter feed the hawk without hesitation and asked him to bring the diamond the hawk immediately flew up and sat on a high branch of the tree and said a few minutes ago i had given you a lesson that don't believe anyone's word immediately but you did not follow that lesson actually i don't have any diamond and now i am free on hearing this the hunter became disheartened and started repenting just then the hawk said again you forgot my second lesson too which was if something bad happens to you then you should never regret it saying this the hawk flew away from there hearing the hawks last word the hunter's eyes opened and he understood both the lessons very well then the hunter went out in search of another play without being said [Music] if we see in our lives then we will find that these two lessons are very important in our life too we must adopt these two lessons in our life the first lesson is that you should never trust anyone blindly and if you did this and later you got cheated then you will have to repent a lot because it has often been seen that when you trust someone blindly you mostly get cheated in return so be practical and don't trust anyone blindly and the second lesson is that if you fail in some work then you should not be sad or disappointed rather you should learn from that failure and taking experience from it you should try to achieve success in your future if you can adopt these two lessons in your life then first of all no one will be able to deceive you and secondly you will never be disappointed by failure in your life and you will always keep moving on in your life [Music] you

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