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The Worst Kind Of Person You Can Have In Your Life

in the early 2000s a New Zealand fishing boat was fishing off the coast of Antarctica as they were fishing they caught a Patagonian toothfish this is a normal find off the coast of Antarctica as they were reeling in this fish they realized it was much harder to reel the fish in than expected after further research they found there was something attached underneath the fish but they were not sure what it was after a two-hour fight with the fish they won the battle and brought both creatures up on Deck attached to the Patagonian toothfish was a squid however this was no normal squid this squid was dubbed a colossal squid the squid was over 38 feet long and weighed over a thousand pounds to give you an idea of the size of the squid if you were to take off a sucker on its tentacles it would be the size of a tractor tire this was one colossal Beast attached to the fish now with that being said possible that you have a colossal squid attached to you however you don't see it because it's under the Deep this colossal squid can be a friend or an acquaintance in your life who is sent by Satan to destroy your life the perfect example of a friend like this would be Judas we will all encounter a type of Judas in our life this is a type of person who is in our Inner Circle but they are planted by the devil think back to Judas Judas was a disciple of Jesus he saw most of the major Miracles you see in the Bible he was there when Jesus raised Lazarus to life when Jesus gave sight to the blind and when Jesus multiplied bread and fish he also broke bread with Jesus he sat down with Jesus around numerous campfires and tables to eat together Judas laughed cried and was full of joy with Jesus he was so much a part of Jesus Inner Circle that he was given the money back that would be like you or me giving someone our bank account number we trust them not to go off and run with the money despite all of this Judas would go on to betray Jesus his evil intentions were hiding just below the surface now it's clear that none of us are Jesus that's not the comparison I'm trying to make but we will undoubtedly encounter a type of Judas in our life there will be people in our life Who We Trust we may even trust them to the point that they are in our wedding or we welcome them into our homes for a game night we may even call them family they are in our Inner Circle just as Judas was in the Inner Circle of Jesus and just like Judas they will turn their back on us without a moment's notice they will betray us of course not to the extent of Jesus their betrayal may come in the form of gossip and slander it may come by Thievery or it may come by sabotage however it comes and it will come with the intent of causing damage to your faith or to wound you and leave you bitter and resentful now that we know that the Judas is coming we must learn how to respond we can look to Jesus for an answer we don't see an interaction between Jesus and Judas after the Betrayal because Judas killed himself shortly after Jesus was arrested however we do see how Jesus responds to others who have hurt him Jesus was hurt by the very people he created the Pharisees and Sadducees persecuted him many in his own family disowned him Roman guards beat him to the point he was unrecognizable his very own disciples abandoned him he was left out to dry by everybody he loved and cared about yet when he was on the cross he said this in Luke 23 verse 34. father forgive them for they know not what they do Jesus said this at the very moment his clothes were being gambled for he was moved by compassion and love not anger and hatred we see that Jesus wants us to forgive those who betray us Jesus says this in Matthew 5 38 to 42. you have heard that it was said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but I say to you do not resist the one who is evil but if anyone slaps you on the right cheek turn to him the other also and if anyone would sue you and take your tunic let him have your cloak as well and if anyone forces you to go one mile go with him two miles give to the one who begs from you do not refuse the one who would borrow from you in the moments when someone betrays us we can so easily be drawn into a Revenge mission but the Bible is telling us that we should not have the mentality of getting back at the person and trying to hurt them we are to try to find a way to love and serve them it may be hard but we must pray for the grace to forgive and move on praying for discernment and wisdom when it comes to the people we choose to have relationships with is equally as important as giving Grace even though God calls us to give Grace it does not mean we need to stay in a relationship with that person the devil can use people to attempt to discourage derail or even destroy you if you are not guarded as we saw with Judas this can lead to your destruction prayer and discernment is essential as you forgive your Judas it is not a matter of if but when there will be a type of Judas in your life when the Judas comes we must be ready to respond the fishermen off the coast of Antarctica had no idea that a giant squid would be attached to their fish however they were prepared to jump into action they had all the tools they needed to win a two-hour battle against him Jesus has given us all the tools we need to overcome when we run into our Judas however it is up to us to stay prepared and ready for that moment we must be quick to forgive quick to move on and quick to love [Music] everyone you come across has a certain character some have a bad character and exhibit toxic traits While others are the complete opposite and have a sound Godly character these are the people who will exhibit the fruit of the spirit they will encourage you pray with you show you a Godly love and they will have a sweet spirit at the end of the day we need to be people who are prayerful and Discerning because we have to guard ourselves you cannot just allow anyone to walk into your life look at their character study their character because in one way or another they will have an impact on you people can have an impact on you some people are honest While others are deceitful some are trustworthy While others are liars some have a great work ethic While others are slackers your character will influence those around you for good or for evil and likewise the character of those closest to you will influence you for good or for evil so here's the thing whoever you decide to walk with to form a friendship with refuse to be led astray refuse to be influenced be led away from the truth and into error and sin it's a one-way Street when we associate with evil people and that one-way Street takes you from Purity to defilement that one-way Street will take you from Holiness to Sin from Darkness to light from worth and value to corruption and decay when it comes to who we should and shouldn't associate with the Bible is clear we are told not to be yoked with unbelievers what Fellowship does rig

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