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The True Marks Of A Believer | Inspirational & Motivational

James 5 verse 20 says let him know that whoever brings back a sinner from his wandering will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins how can we claim to say Christ is in us if we don't act like him or behave like him or at the very least attempt to love like him there are people in this world who are lost there are people in this world who are misdirected and they need us to say hey hey there is a man who died for your sins there's a man who Rose from the grave and his name is Jesus Christ the son of God and that man loves you we are to follow in the footsteps of Christ that means when you see a drug addict you tell them that there is a way for them to be delivered and set free when you come across a fornicator and an adulterer you tell them the wages of sin are death but there is a savior who can take away those lustful desires and renew and reshape you with holy and righteous Passions someone out there in the world right now is an alcoholic a thief a liar and they need to be told to repent and turn to Christ a God who can fix them and lift them up from that pit of sin I would like to talk to you very briefly about some of the marks of a True Believer as Believers in Christ there are certain behaviors that we should exhibit you see there's a certain conduct and a certain way that we ought to carry ourselves not so that we can be called Christians but so that we can glorify Jesus Christ with how we live our lives the first principle when it comes to how we should live our lives can be found in Romans 12 verse 9. love is to be sincere and active the real thing without guile and hypocrisy hate what is evil detest all ungodliness do not tolerate wickedness hold on tightly to what is good as Believers we should hate what is evil and cling to what is good and when you look at the world it tells you to give in to every desire even if it's bad even if it's against the word of God however just because you desire something that doesn't mean it's good you may desire to eat greasy fast food every day should you give in to that desire of course not you will end up shortening your life drastically by doing so we should abhor our evil desires Paul not only gives us a negative by telling us to run away from evil but he gives us a positive and tells us what to run too we should run to what is good cling to what is good God is good so we should run to the ways and the commands of God the second principle I want to highlight can be found in Romans 12 verse 16. be of the same mind toward one another do not set your mind on high things but associate with the young do not be wise in your own opinion we are not to set our minds on high things and we should not be too proud to enjoy the company of Ordinary People the message here is about humility on this Earth value comes by what you offer the world if you offer the world advantages then you are valued however if you offered the world nothing you are not valued but listen to me God's economy works much differently we are all highly valued because we are all made in the image of God calls us to Value everyone we are to associate with those that life has humbled let's say a political leader of your town and a homeless person they both walk into church on the same day are you running to associate with the political leader because he has power are you dismissing the homeless person because they are of no high status well God calls us to Value both as made in the image of God calls us to love our neighbor regardless of who they are regardless of how they look now I've only highlighted two points here however the word of God is filled with wisdom it's filled with guidance regarding how we should live how we should behave how we should conduct ourselves all to the glory of Jesus Christ the Amplified translation for Matthew chapter 28 verse 18 to 20 says Jesus came up and said to them all authority all power of absolute rule in heaven and on Earth has been given to me go therefore and Make Disciples of all the Nations help the people to learn of me believe in me and obey my words baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you and lo I Am With You Always remaining with you perpetually regardless of circumstance and on every occasion even to the end of the age who was the last person you told about Jesus who was the last person that you demonstrated the love of God to the Bible tells us do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers which is correct but that doesn't mean you cannot tell them about Jesus you should separate the person from the sin and the sin from the person hate the sin but love the person and I want to be realistic we can't all go out and preach the gospel we're not all gifted in the same way but you can do your part no one can tell me that in their lifetime they've never come across an unbeliever you can't tell me that there's never been a single person in your life who needed to be told about Jesus Christ of course there is so I encourage you to do your part preach Jesus Love Like Jesus show compassion like Jesus did have a burden for lost souls have a burden to point them in the direction towards Jesus Christ so what does it mean to keep God first the first step is to make that conscious decision to devote your life to the things that matter strive to live for the glory of God live to love God and to love your neighbor meditate on his word all day long honor him with your words and with your actions always be seeking to grow in your walk with him because that above all else is what our souls long for these worldly Pursuits demand so much of our time and energy they enslave us but Jesus comes to set us free thank you foreign

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