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The Spirit of God is Not What You Think

understanding God is an elusive Endeavor knowing god requires experiencing it firsthand as the kebalian aptly States the all is infinite mind the universe is mental this means that the universe is simply a mental creation of the infinite mind that the Universe exists only in the mind of the all and that outside the mind of the all there is no universe the teachings in the book highlight that God's Essence defies comprehension thus the scientific pursuit to unravel God might remain fruitless contrary to the image of an entity with human-like attributes sitting on a throne as often depicted God encompasses everything its Core Essence resides within you however your ego's overwhelming presence overshadows this connection obscuring your awareness of God the ego creates a divide between you and the Divine attributing numerous human-like traits to God and personifying it this has led to the portrayal of God as an external entity complete with an ego capable of judgment and harm observing various cultural mythologies and religious deities you'll notice an egoic resemblance in each representation of God this perspective stems from ego's attempt to Fathom the unfathomable essence of God just as Joseph Murphy insightfully States God is not a person or being God is not a thing God is not a force God is not a concept God is an experience this holds one of the most profound spiritual Secrets a mind that spiritually awakened comes to the realization that examining and comprehending something only occurs from an external perspective it's akin to observing from the outside yet genuine knowledge of a thing arises when one immerses oneself in it becoming it hence understanding God emerges through experiencing it within you otherwise The Pursuit Of God remains perpetually through the lens of the ego attempting to grasp it externally consequently you'll only familiarize yourself more with its manifestations nodding in recognition as it remains concealed behind the facade of everything you perceive in alignment with the wisdom of another Sage consider the words of Albert Einstein who once remarked the laws of nature are but the thoughts of God and man the latest arrival in Nature's Workshop is slowly learning to read and understand those thoughts within this perspective all things are energy and within that life-affirming energy resides the essence of God however our inclination often leans towards dissecting these phenomena striving to interpret their attributes using logic this endeavor tends to miss the vital Essence that connects us the fundamental truth that we share the same Essence as the subjects we seek to comprehend the process of observation is synonymous with the process of creation that which you seek through observation you shall uncover scientific exploration 2 follows this principle it seeks and ultimately finds yet the discoveries often result in further Creations given that we serve as conduits for the expansion of God's influence within our lives our assumptions and areas of predominant Focus shape the reality that materializes be it on an individual or Collective scale consequently the act of observing culminates in the act of bringing forth something new positioned at the Forefront of creation we as individuals and collectively contribute to the formation of Novel Dimensions using our combined cognitive power in each passing moment our thoughts and emotions contribute to the birth of fresh realities the essence lies in realizing that God isn't found through an exhaustive external search by turning your focus inward within yourself what you discover when you seek God within is yet another creation of God the presence of God becomes more apparent when your mind is tranquil and free of distractions when you're fully present in the moment God is here God's Delight mirrors your contentment and God's joy resonates with your happiness however it's crucial not to confuse fleeting ego-driven Pleasures with the profound pleasure of God Experiencing God requires transcending the illusion of separation while God is always present your ego's belief in division can distort the encounter or reshape it entirely this doesn't imply that the ego is inherently negative quite the contrary the ego is the driving force behind our creative Endeavors and boundless potentials without ego the realm of creation and its infinite possibilities would remain untapped in an ideal scenario where unity and self-awareness Prevail the impetus to create might not be as pronounced nonetheless our individuality while contributing to the exhilarating journey of life also introduces challenges and complexities the objective is not to eliminate the ego but to nurture it gracefully embracing its role while avoiding complete identification recognize that the ego is a part of you not your entirety once you make this distinction you can begin to appreciate your ego understanding that it's yours but not you when you can differentiate between the ego and your authentic self you initiate the path toward encountering God In Your Existence leading to a profound understanding it's important to clarify that the intention here isn't to imply immediate Transcendence leaving the body behind to become one with God such a radical shift isn't the essence of the matter the objective isn't for you to develop a disdain for your current life and Retreat to isolation within a cave rather the focus is on knowing god and aligning your actions with God's intentions for your life what is this purpose it lies within your genuine self beyond the ego's influence despite my extensive exploration of various texts on the subject of God an intriguing observation has arisen rather than Clarity this Quest has led to a deepened sense of confusion one prevailing feeling however persists each portrayal of God encountered thus far carries a distinctly egoic tone these descriptions often sound distinctly human as if the ego itself was attempting to comprehend a concept inherently Beyond its grasp this realization Dawns as the ego's Endeavor to rationalize the unfathomable essence of God using the familiar framework of its own limitations one cannot gain knowledge of God by merely observing from the outside thus this Pursuit might seem elusive yet not without its Allure here are some perspectives on the seeking of God suggested by Neville Goddard inner experience seek God through personal inner experiences rather than external observations realization of becoming recognize that understanding comes from becoming one with the essence of what you seek visualize and feel visualize scenes and scenarios where you experience God's presence and feel the emotions associated with it subconscious alignment impress the idea of God's presence onto your subconscious mind for it to manifest in your reality the Journey of seeking God is personally fulfilling and enjoyable the Embrace of the concept of ego engaging with it is a choice rooted in pleasure a sense of wh

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