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The Secret To Becoming UNSTOPPABLE | David Goggins Motivation

[Music] i was just an insecure scared kid and the only way i could find myself was to put myself through the worst thing possible my biggest advice to give everybody in the world is like i say we live in an external world everything is is you got to see it touch it it's external if you can for the rest of your life live inside of yourself stop listening to everything that is makes no sense all these insecure people putting their insecurities on you you got to flush it out you got to just be whoever the hell god or whatever the hell you believe in if you believe in nothing but yourself i don't care what it is you got to take everything and throw it away you have to believe in one thing and that is yourself and and i'm not saying don't believe in god or what you believe in but right now for you to find greatness in yourself you're not going to find it by looking in a book or by even hearing me i may give you the spark but you've got to go inside yourself to find it and that means you got to be quiet go in a room stop talking search your soul search your mind search your abilities and you'll find it but if you're not looking for it you won't find it so you got to go start your journey and the journey starts with you finding why the hell am i here on this planet earth why am i here if you don't know that you will live the rest of your life searching always asking the question why well it was pretty crazy for me it um it took a while to get to that point where enough was enough um what happened i i came home one night from work spraying for cockroaches and long story short i turned on the discovery channel i saw some guys going through navy seal training and they were going through hell week and they were getting their ass just beat you know in and out of the water guys ringing the bell um they was suffering and i was weighing like 297 pounds and i had to make a change in my life you know i was at all-time low and i wasn't going anywhere and i was exactly what everybody said i was going to be which was nothing so i had to make a change no one was helping me out my dad made my mom kind of irregular so she worked three jobs went to college full time so she was never around one time this this person drew a picture of me and you know said we're going to kill you you're on my spanish notebook and i took it to my principal and my principal said they spilled niger that was the best device he can give me so long story short what i realized was no one was here to help me i started shaving my head when i was 16 years old and the feeling i had every morning i looked in the mirror was horrible and i didn't want to feel like that anymore and how i felt was a a kid going nowhere a kid that was scared and most kids will accept that and look for help but the best thing that happened to me no one helped me no one thought sorry for me no one looked at me and said like this day and age they'll they'll take you in and they'll tell everybody stop picking on this person back then they didn't care the kkk marched in our fourth july parades they had to stay a hundred yards back but they marched in it that's how this town was and my mom cared about me but my dad took our soul and she you know did the best she could i had to figure out i wasn't going to be a punk kid all my life so the only way i could turn around was to suffer i had to build calluses in my brain the same way i built calluses on my hands so i broke the ginsberger royal's record for pulps a long time ago but i failed at it twice and i did 67 000 pull-ups and trying to break this record so to do 4030 pull-ups i had to do 67 000 for training for that and so what i realized is for me to become the man i wanted to become i saw myself as the weakest person god ever created but i never blamed god for anything he did to me so i wanted to change that to be the hardest man ever created am i that i don't know but you had to have a goal and my goal when i was sitting there not going to school being bullied being having no self-esteem my goal was the only person that could turn this person around is me the only way i can turn around is put myself through the worst things possible a human being can ever endure and that'd be the only way that i can build this brain to handle anything that comes in front of it callousing my mind through pain and suffering [Music] in the end like what would your advice be to that 16 year old kid who's staring in the mirror does not like what he sees but is still running from adversity well my biggest advice to him is that first of all he won't like what i say to him because i'm going to say the exact opposite of what the world today's world is saying so we read a bunch of books nowadays as as humans we we want to find out how to be someone else what we don't do is we don't go inside so literally turn yourself inside out read the book that says like we're writing a book every day of our lives but we never read that book so what i would challenge this young man or young woman to do is you have to look inside of yourself to see what you really want what are you passionate about we use these words and these little phrases of only the strong survive and also the crap they're all just [ __ ] words i get so tired of hearing people just talking like right now someone may think goggles just talking you don't know me so when i speak i speak from passion i speak from experience i i speak from suffering i have to tell this young man and woman that the only way i believe and this is just my experience in life the only way you're ever going to get to the other side of this journey is you have got to suffer to grow to grow you must suffer and some people will get it and some people won't but they have to see what their journey is to start their journey several people live to be a hundred years old and they have great lives and they have great kids their kids go to college and lost their stuff but somewhere in their life there was a point where they had a decision to make they can go left or right on this path left was the easy route right was a hard route a lot of people take the easy route and they had a good life that way but the better life was going to the right side and you may have 20 years of pain and suffering to get past it but a lot of us died never truly starting our journey and i would tell this young person you got to start your journey it may suck but it will it will come out the other side where you're coasting every day we're seeing who we are as people when i was growing up i i lied for people to accept me because i didn't accept myself so i would make up stories so then you would accept me into your world i would uh everything i did was for someone else to like me it wasn't until i started reading my own book about how pathetic i was as human being i could blame my dad i can blame kids at school i could blame having health issues atd my mom not being around great mom but she was doing her thing i could blame a l

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