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my beloved child have you paused today to reflect on the gift of life I've bestowed upon you each new day is a canvas of possibilities a testament to my unceasing care for you why hesitate expressing your gratitude is a simple yet profound act it's a matter of opening your heart and letting your words flow remember gratitude is the music of the soul and your words are its me I know you intimately understanding your needs even before they are formed into words like a Shepherd knows his flock I know you trust is the bridge between your heart and mine when you cross it with faith you find the assurance and peace that only I can provide come spend a moment of Tranquility with me seek a moment of silence and reflect upon all the reasons for which you can give thanks on this day your life your family your health the very air you breathe the sustenance on your table the shelter above your head and my Supernatural protection around your home these Warrior Angels who encamp and stand guard vigilantly watching over your dreams ready to engage in battle there are countless reasons for you to feel blessed you possess beautiful motives to Embrace Life daily to fill your mind with virtuous thoughts and to keep your eyes open perceiving my benevolence along your path assuring the safety held within my grasp I dwell within a grateful heart one that recognizes its dependence on me one that seeks me out with Faith and Hope knowing it is truly blessed sometimes I see you troubled by the events that unfold but this is normal don't worry excessively the weight of your responsibilities is your desire for everything to turn out well for provision in your home for health within your family you hope that nothing and no one will disrupt the peace and stability you all require however there are also dark days when your gratitude wanes and the adversary comes Whispering imp pure thoughts into your mind turning your worries into fear surrounding you with lies transforming fear into anxiety and despair I watch and wait for you to raise your arms high and utter those words that will make the enemy flee give thanks to me for your life your family your health and all that you are and have your sincere faith and grateful heart are Shields that keep you strengthened during moments of trial when you pass through the fires of Affliction I will be there waiting beside your bed eager to hear your first words of the day emerging from the depths of your thankful Soul saying thank you thank you thank you for life seek me and receive my peace come and call upon me day and night without ceasing maintain your attitude of Faith and Hope when you approach me firmly believing that I am real and that that I will respond for it pleases me perhaps things haven't unfolded as you expected but you must trust in me once more with your whole being I am orchestrating many things to Usher blessings into your family and home if you believe you have lost material possessions ponder it deeply your life rests in my hands and I desire your well-being growth and the strengthening of your faith I will restore to you those things you think you have lost and they will return even more magnificent than before exceeding your initial requests therefore there is no need to be distressed or weep over what you lack today focus on loving me loving your family fulfilling my will and awaiting with faith the blessings that are on their way material things come and go do not let your soul grieve nothing is truly lost that the enemy has taken from you and many other beautiful things from your past will return even greater than before give me your heart now I want to Grant you the peace your soul yearns for but you must rest both your body and soul in me entrust to me those troubling thoughts that keep you awake at night your future is not uncertain I hear you when You Weep at night and ask how you will overcome amidst this crisis I respond you will overcome with your faith your faith has grown strong align yourself with me your faith in my promises is sufficient for you to walk on water and for miracles to occur in your life you need not fear anything or anyone each morning when you arise fill yourself with courage and strength you are brave and your faith is substantial I place this gleaming sword in your hands feel it this is my word in which you have placed so much trust use it from today onward when You Face difficulties I will also Stand By Your Side fighting alongside you I love you and today I will bestow upon you the peace you seek you will receive the serenity you so desperately need need I also wish for you to calm yourself a little do not wander about carrying your anxiety on your back with a knot in your throat and clouded thoughts it is essential for your mind your soul and your entire life that you surrender those negative emotions to me today if you do not give me your fear anger irritation and frustration you are opening the door to great distress I understand your concern for material things your financial situation and your uncertain future you worry about your health instead of conversing with me each night and morning you turn your thoughts towards so many things yet what most troubles your mind is your family situation and it is natural it affects you deeply it is an emotion that pains you but put a stop to it right now now do not allow your heart to sink speak to those emotions to the conflicts and to the situations with faith and determination declare my God is with me as a mighty guant I have decided not to fear whatever my enemies may do repeat it my child around you there are many Warrior Angels ready for battle ready to stand in form and raise their swords as soon as they receive the word but I need to see your faith I need to see that by your own choice you exert effort to believe I cannot give the signal for my armies to form around you and escort you to a better place if you are not yet prepared to face greater challenges I hold in my hands numerous blessings for you but I cannot bestow them until you surrender all those emotions to me I desire to elevate you to a level where you you must exercise your living and active faith I wish to surround you with my divine blessing surrender your entire life to me do not retain anything I will forgive your sins your past will be left behind I will cleanse your feelings and motivations I will remove all that is wrong and casted into the depths of the sea it is time for your family and you to be blessed with Harmony peace and healing I calm your soul with peace and hope satisfy your being with joy and unwavering confidence I am giving you strength and perseverance this is the day of your blessing my child receive it with faith and humility accept it without hesitation without doubt I am speaking directly to your spirit dispelling your sadness and ending your distress do not hide from me what you feel if the things you hear around you instill fear and cause you anxiety it is nec

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